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Elon Musk JUST REVEALED They FINALLY STARTED Testing Neuralink On Humans!

    KIP Navigation How Top Sellers Build Successful Businesses with Wix eCommerce 2 The advertising technology of 4 that allows us to control other humans by simply putting a chip in that other person’s head, the idea was initially criticized Went.

    But it was appreciated mainly because of how it was portrayed in the media during the development of technology. That it is possible to manufacture this technology is exactly what Musk is going to use his company Neuralink.

    He has developed a technology that allows us to manipulate a person’s boundaries from within a computer. So does this mean that we can now fully control humans as well. Let’s get into today’s post Well talk about this.

    Let’s get started so that you know that Neuralink is an American neurotechnology company. The company was founded in 2016 based in San Francisco and since that time has been working with scientists from highly reputed universities with the help of Elon Musk.

    The company was also founded with the help of several experts including Paul Miola, Tim Gardner Dong Seo and. Fans of Tim Henson sci-fi know all about chips.

    Elon Mask turned this into a reality, I personally believe that Neuralink is all set to revolutionize the computing world as we know this type of neurochip is automated and there is a lot of research going into it Today’s technology allows us to take a closer look at the brain.

    By which we can look at brain cells and perform automated drug screening for various brain disorders – nowadays as part of a computing device microchips are inserted into the brain to help it work better.

    As a result people who suffer from chronic spinal cord injuries and neurological problems will be able to monitor and restore their brain activity through an implanted chip, which also helps a blind person’s vision as well. Will monitor your health and warn you if you are about to have a heart attack.

    So the chip would act as an intermediary between the body and the brain by intercepting the signals coming from the neurons. Control the computer with the brain to create cyborgs or unlock the brain’s full potential. In other words, Elon Musk is bringing about a revolution when it comes to its size and shape.

    This chip is the size of a coin using a high performance robot This brain will be computer interface Can be integrated into the brain of a living creature by removing some cells from your brain, then a small computer chip can be implanted in your skull is.

    And it will be folded together so that I will not fall out again after surgery, it will only take an hour for a person to be able to walk normally, but from the outside it looks like the patient is like someone else, with the patient Small threads will be placed inside the brain.

    Although surgical robots work with the brain which is a very sensitive part of the human body that has been in continuous use for centuries, they ensure that they do not damage the patient’s veins or arteries. Additionally, the robot will place the electrodes at the designated locations where they are attached to the brain chip.

    The brain and body will certainly be able to exchange information faster than ever in terms of its features, it has battery life that lasts all day and it has a number of wireless features like wireless inductive charging which means That’s when it gets fully charged.

    So it will be able to connect to your Bluetooth device wirelessly. Also the device is approximately one inch in diameter, has a total of 1024 channels per link, ideally the implant is expected to measure 23 millimeters by eight millimeters by six axes, so By doing this it will be able to measure temperature, humidity and body pressure. limit of

    IN Sthe wireless signal can reach up to 10 meters which means the electrode will be about two or three millimeters wide, many people ask if it is possible to get rid of it, according to many experts it can be removed from the brain via a is.

    The second surgical procedure Elon Musk also claims that this amazing discovery can restore your memory by repairing certain circuits in your brain in the future, our brain will have 1024 electrodes capable of reading 1024 neurons while Mr. Elon Musk Had to pass many permits.

    To demonstrate his brain chip The Iron Man of the 21st century is finally ready to show it. As part of the reality check the chips were implanted in the brains of three pigs living in an animal house. Watched the live performance.

    In which we saw several pigs, some of which were implanted with two chips and some of which were not, but none of them were moving in a different way from each other, both pigs were named Joyce and Dorothy Was.

    In what appears to be quite healthy at the same time, the chip was implanted in Dorothy and not Joyce which was later removed, then thanks to Dorothy for helping to demonstrate that the chip was successfully implanted. can be imposed.

    Elon Musk was able to share the signals of Dorothy’s brain in real time, in case you want to upgrade it or take it out, even dressed in a live post broadcast, we often read what the mind is trying to tell us. is.

    But this time the message is real. Transplantation of many pigs. Musk also gives us a clue. It is also important to mention here about the implementation at different times.

    that while writing to the brain there would be a wide range of electrical currents passing through the brain and that the electric field would remain under control so that no damage was caused. I had a chip.

    He was in front of a computer and got a smoothie with a straw. Mouth researchers used a Bluetooth to link neural link with a phone to establish a connection, it was reported that the link recorded more than 2000 electrodes with the coordination of hand and hand movements.

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