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Elon Musk BEST Movies and TV Series Cameos Ever

    Where did Elon Musk get the idea for his falcon landing, what about his passion for endangered species, Elon Musk has us laughing at The Simpsons Rick and Morty and The Big Bang Theory.

    Iron Man 2 2010 Before You Probably Wouldn’t Be Here If You Were New to Iron Man You Already Know Iron Man 2 Franchise Tony Stark Played by Robert Downey Jr in Gwyneth Paltrow Who Plays Pepper Pots Is.

    A party and a clash with the Tesla CEO took place in Iron Man 2 for about 30 minutes. In this cameo Elon Musk was networking the very business casual Mr. Musk, how are you congratulating on the promotion, thank you very much He congratulated Stark on his promotion to Pepper.

    Industry CEO Tony congratulated him on a new rocket engine he had developed. Musk used the opportunity to flesh out an idea for an electric jet that promised to make it work if you’ve never seen an Arab. Here’s real life networking that the cameo gave you a glimpse.

    No one knew that Elon Musk would eventually own a space exploration company and was considering an electric jet, although the Falcon 9 rockets down in the machete and so does its founder. We’ll tell you more about that soon. Rick and Morty 2020 Musk plays himself in every on-screen appearance for Rick and Morty in season two.

    He doesn’t play himself but he technically plays a version of himself. Elon Tusk is an alternate reality tech billionaire in this world. He’s born with walrus-like teeth, teeth every bit of an alternate reality like everyone else in the universe.

    His electric company is called Tuscala, except everything else was on Elon Musk without his black and white suit. Tie was featured prominently and her posture was mastered; this memorable cameo was witty and the cross-dimensional performance is rated as one of the best other than Simpson’s appearance.

    The initial premiere during the pandemic added to the excitement and wonder of people who knew that Musk could be a voice-over artist like Rick Morty and Why I Did Something with Elon Musk Kills Eight Mach 2013. Again Elon Musk made an appearance in 2:25 Machete Kills, the sequel to Robert Rodriguez making movies that aren’t set in real life.

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    Nevertheless, Elon Musk makes an appearance that cements the film’s place in reality. The evil Luther Voz, played by Mel Gibson, escapes into space and then President Rathcock is played by Charlie Sheen to Danny Trejo’s Federal. Asked to follow him for the mission, he is given a SpaceX Falcon.

    9 Rocket Musk was there to wish Machete the best and encourages him to get to the bastard before leaving Machete Kills is the third installment that takes place entirely in space. It is said that Mars kills in space. Chase’s End is the setup for the third film.

    Perhaps Elon Musk will send shocking ships to rescue fighters in space Hein the third film comes to life 7. Racing Extinction 2015 Racing Extinction is an environmental documentary featuring Elon Musk and a modified version of a 2015 Tesla model. It was a brief cameo where the new model was used to project photographs of the endangered.

    Animals on Important Structures in the World The Vatican Empire State Building Shows Critically Endangered Species It was a touching moment because we all know Elon Musk is passionate about the environment, yet we haven’t seen this side of him on cars.

    His new side exposed 6. South Park 2016 South Park Season 20 saw three episodes with Elon Musk voicing his animated counterpart, I’m Elon Musk Shall we have some fun today, the series makes fun of celebrities , so it was rare.

    They were able to book the billionaire for three episodes and keep things within their particular taste were fun to watch episodes they decided to travel to mars at the spacex facility in boca chica mr garrisso n lost the presidential race.

    The world faces the consequences of that lost bid for office, so the three decide to escape Earth for a new life Cartman, voiced by Max, voiced by Trey Park Butters.

    Expressed by Jessica Menkensen Stone and Heidi Turner decided to move to Mars for a better life, their plan leading them to SpaceX where the founder helped prepare them for their journey.

    Celebrities 5. The Big Bang Theory 2015 Howard Wolowitz met Elon Musk at Thanksgiving a quirky fearless Jewish astronaut played by Simon Helberg he didn’t want to go, but his wife Bernadette, played by Melissa Ranch, convinced him that volunteering The best part was Holiday Musk was volunteering too.

    He offered her a half-eaten pumpkin pie and talks like Howard, booted her from the front of the house to wash the dishes. SpaceX boss Elon Musk offered her a future opportunity at SpaceX because he mentioned that he was Elon Musk, an astronaut, makes another appearance in the franchise, this time from that time.

    When Sheldon was 10 years old and invented the idea of ​​using booster shots to land the rocket in 2017. pisode of young Sheldon we learn that it was Sheldon’s idea to land using Falcon 9 booster gear We all know how Elon Musk is rumored to be a supernatural being in disguise.

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