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Elon Musk’s Crazy Predictions: You Dont Realize What’s Coming

    Elon Musk said, probably more than half of new vehicle production in the United States in 10 years is electric and China is probably going to be ahead of that because China has been a super pro eve, I think a lot of people know it but mine This means that China has environmental policies.

    Their mandate for renewable energy is way ahead of us, I think it sometimes leads people under the impression that China is either pulling its fetish or is somehow lagging behind us in terms of sustainable energy promotion, But they are far from the most invasive on earth that’s really crazy.

    The coalition of Chinese carmakers brought in Chinese governments begging them to slow down the mandate because it’s too much they need to make eight percent electric vehicles. China cannot physically do this so China is most aggressive on electric vehicles and solar.

    It’s a common misconception that they’re not a google the search way to find out about it is actually pretty straight forward and then 10 in 10 years man I think yes, so half of all production I think Almost all cars produced will be autonomous in 10 years, it will be rare to find almost all one that is not continuous is going to be a huge change.

    One thing to keep in mind is that new vehicle production is only five percent of vehicle fleet size. Do you think about how long a car truck lasts and they last 15 to 20 years before they’re finally finished, Therefore new vehicle production is only one in a maximum fifteenth of the fleet size.

    So even when new vehicle production says those switch to electric or autonomous, meaning the vast majority still don’t have a fleet on the roads, it will take another five to ten years before most of the fleet is eaves or EVs. Let’s go autonomous, but if you say 20 years go out then things are electric auto.

    Nominally heavy fully autonomous i mean i should say you know i didn’t really have any grand designs when i was a kid i mean the reason i started computer programming is because i got to use computers Love games and I play a lot of computer games and I learned that if I wrote software and sold it.

    I could have got more money and bought better computers, so it really wasn’t some grand vision or anything you know. When I was growing up, I used to read a lot of books and they were often set in the United States. And it seemed like a lot of new technology was being developed in the United States.

    So I thought well, I really want to work on new technology, so I want to move to Silicon Valley, you know, when I was growing up in Silicon Valley it seemed like you were some kind of mythical person. Know the place like Mount Olympus or something you know, I mean I behave completely frankly.

    I doubted us too, so I thought we knew you probably had a 10 chance of getting into orbit when SpaceX started, so you know those people who doubted we were like I guess you’re probably right You know I mean many times I was told because I was taking money from Paypal.

    Was enrolling to make spacex and tesla and they were spending it all it wasn’t intended but uh almost both companies apparently went bankrupt 2008 was a tough year to get us into orbit with the falcon It took us four tries and so a lot of times I knew you people would tell me this joke like how do.

    You start with a big one that’s the punch line and i was ok i’ve already heard that joke 12000 times anyway um and it almost came true you know we barely made it there that fourth of the falcon Launch We had so much money for that fourth launch and then it was not even enough to save the company.

    We also had to win the NASA cargo resupply contract um so that came a little later, a little bit later. Those two major things toward the end of 2008 that save SpaceX otherwise we would have had it so we know you didn’t make it, So I think he was skeptical, his assessment of the possibility was correct.

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