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Nuclear Starship, Elon Musk Reveals Nuclear Starship

    Nuclear Starship

    Nuclear Starship, As explorers of the past discovered new lands, and established colonies.Many of which still exist today, Elon Musk spirit of discovery is similar, but his goal is literally out of this world.He is completely different. Want to make a settlement on the planet.

    SpaceX has come up with the easiest way to make this action a success.One of their problems is that it will take you at least five years to get to Mars, which is still too long.But they have completed the journey in just 100 days or less.Found an easy way to reduce the time even more.

    You will spend the next five months in transit as you cover millions of miles.Space is huge and humanity is burning enormous fuel wherever you are going.There are rockets when we go to space, but it’s limited to where we can go.We have to take into account the amount of energy required for the trips.

    SpaceX has made several successful Starship launches, but SpaceX is working on a Starship to take people to Mars.Currently Starships can carry a lot of cargo, this will not cut travel times significantly.Because Musk knows, you can’t spend five months in between.

    The journey to Mars will involve a lot of risks with astronauts.Exposure to very high levels of radiation can lead to serious long-term health problems such as cancer and sterility.As the explorers move on to populate a new area.Musk wants them to be as healthy and fertile as possible.

    Radiation shielding can help, but it’s too heavy.The longer missions require more shielding, the better way to reduce radiation exposure.Where you’re going faster and the more time you spend in transit, the more likely you are.You can run out of fuel if it goes wrong, for example or a component breaks down,

    So you also want to think about the problems of limiting 100 people to one place.Because the interior of the spacecraft can flare up. And conflict could jeopardize the mission.Elon Musk basically needs to find the shortest way to get people to Mars.

    Even though Starship isn’t going to take humans to Mars, it makes sense for space trips.It is important for science to obtain data from unmanned missions, at least during space exploration.

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