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Tesla Phone Vs Apple Phone, Who will win?

    Tesla Phone Vs Apple Phone

    Tesla Phone vs Apple Phone, Today we are going to know which mobile is the best.Tesla phone and Apple phone are both amazing phones.Where Elon Musk thinks about giving a good life to the world, he can also give you a good mobile.Which is very powerful, and no small mobile can face it.

    It will surely take the smartphone world by storm.Elon Musk’s product can’t go bad, he will bring the best one in the market.Apple has already made a name for itself, but Tesla is not going to lag behind.Announcement Musk will bring Tesla phones to the market regularly, which may benefit him more.

    Be it Elon Musk’s electric motor or mobile, everyone is being very much liked by the people.Could it really be a lot of technology that in our lives in the past was only a figment of the imagination.We are closer to the future than ever before for some remarkable individuals and companies.Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is one of the tech visionaries.

    Our real lives have facilitated the works of science fiction.Be it in the form of electric cars or self-driving automobiles.Elon Musk is not a highly respected name in the tech world powered by sources friendly to the rockets of space civilization.He certainly has an unmatched list of ones that he has been using.Achievements unlike anyone else in his pocket and he is ready to add one more to the list.

    Tesla says, this mobile will be present in the market very soon.Elon Musk’s Tesla company will give a different look to the Tesla phone, whose design will be very beautiful.Preparations are underway to release the Tesla Model Pi phone as the Python iPhone.The name of the smartphone not only resembles the most successful smartphone brand in the market but also promises to provide an experience similar to the iPhone.

    The most important thing we think about before buying a phone is its camera.The iPhone is also renowned for its exceptional camera quality.You may want to know that the Tesla Python’s camera will definitely be competitive.It will have four rear cameras in a single square frame as compared to the triple rear camera setup of the iPhone.

    This futuristic phone will enable one to take high resolution pictures of the sky in the dark of night.The camera will not require long exposure time to click pictures.Tesla just might have a solution.The Python is rumore to have an embedded front camera which not only makes its screen pleasant to look at but also in terms of continued durability.

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