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Why Is Musk So Focused On His Mars? – Elon Musk Power

    Why Is Musk So Focused On His Mars?

    #ElonMusk may be the richest man in the world and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX but apart from being the most ambitious person he is here with crazy but interesting plans.

    Here is another thing with which man dreams he wants to make us human. Interplanetary Species But what is the reason it doesn’t want humans to stay on Earth excessively. 

    Why is Musk so focused on his Mars? Stay in the mission and curious to know so behind leaving the earth.

    SpaceX misses an update on Tesla Starship Or basically anything related to multi-talented influential tech icon billionaire Elon Musk. But only one human survives.

    Nowadays the term Interplanetary Species is in great motion, and why wouldn’t it be as the insights themselves are shared. Crazy Entrepreneur is none other than Elon Musk and now a basic question pops up.

    What does an interplanetary species do?

    In fact, to be an interplanetary species means to be. Species do not depend on only one. home world rather than many worlds on the way if inhabitant of one world All die, the species is still alive.

    But why didn’t you get the concept much like a fictional story? Everyone dies in the world, and how come. Elon Musk is so sure of it that he finds it so necessary to spend millions.

    There is a lot of suspense on the mission to make us interplanetary, don’t find it What Musk thinks about it an interview with Kara Swisher on Code Conference 2021 Elon Musk describes himself. space plans which include, A self-sufficient city on Mars and a base on the moon for those who want to go.

    There Swisher asked whether Musk himself was open to humanity and a space-enthusiast civilization and a multi-planet species. He also mentioned that he liked it, that Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are spending.

    money on space advancement Said I guess, that’s all we want after all, Wants to be for humanity. be a space-enthusiast civilization and want to live among the stars and out there He also mentioned his desire to live in the reality they saw in fictional movies And the books about space and the universe I’m sure have clearly got you by now.

    The idea that he’s a heavy-duty supporter of Interplanetary Human Theory and Elon Musk won’t stop tweeting about it.

    How should humanity think about moving forward? from earth but where Yes it is the correct planet Mars.

    Regarding Elon’s obsession with the Red Planet he had mentioned his plans. To take humans to Mars for a while and His agenda, it seems, is not stopping.

    Musk has always been very, very vocal about his Mars ambitions and set a timeline for it but it is also anytime soon. An obvious question why only Mars?

    So according to the words of the man The 67th International Astronaut himself from the presentation.

    Congress in Mexico Sometimes people wonder why what about other Mars?

    Our Opinion on the Place in the Solar System Our solar system is too limited to become a multi-planetary species. We refer to the nearby option Venus but Venus is a high pressure hot acid bath. 

    So it’s going to be a difficult one, so there’s the sun we can potentially go to. one of the moons of Saturn or Jupiter But they are far away.

    It is very difficult to reach to and from the Sun, which leaves only us and no one else. Which is Mars, and in fact we now believe, that Mars is a lot like Earth, we have to admit, man has got his points.

    But do you know why that is why humanity is currently a monoplanetary species behind being a multi-planetary species, we have some people in low earth orbit, and some people on our moon for short periods of time, But overall we live and we die on earth.

    This means, that if a global catastrophe occurs, and kills all people on Earth, humanity will die at some point in the future, whether a year or a billion years from now. 

    Will kill It would be for humanity to become a multi-planetary species. If humanity wants to ensure its long-term existence, it must become multi-planetary, and it must begin with Mars, for example, if we assume, To have an interplanetary species for long-term human existence, you may have raised the same question, what do we really know about terraforming the Red Planet, or Musk’s plan for a self-sustaining civilization on terraformation? what does this mean? 

    It is the process of intentionally modifying the temperature surface topology of the atmosphere and the geology of a planet. We can kill the Moon and other stars by detonating nuclear bombs on the surface of its polar cap to make their atmosphere somewhat similar to Earth’s, he said.

    He further clarified, that radiation would not be an issue. Because the explosion would take place in space near the poles but the released heat would evaporate the frozen CO in the greenhouse, warming the planets and melting the water, the ice is not shocking.

    But the big question is, if everything is already planned does it mean that we human civilization on Earth really is, some are heading towards the dark ages and if so, what are they?

    We are not safe here, now civilization on earth can end with a bang or with a whisper, these are the words of Elon Musk that time out before our time on earth. As such the dinosaurs were wiped out by a chain reaction of cataclysmic events 66 million years ago.

    Humanity therefore faces a myriad of internal and external threats, and therefore, it thinks, it is vital that we are safe to gain a foothold on the red planet Mars towards this goal.

    Musk is investing large sums of money with SpaceX in building its Starship rocket, which he hopes will put humans on Mars by the year 2026, but his vision is too high and the billionaire believes That building a full-fledged and self-sustaining colony on Mars is within the realm of possibility.

    The Mars colony will need to be self-sustaining, as Mr. Musk thinks it is inevitable, ships will one day stop coming from Earth and if life on Earth has ceased before. 

    We have settled on another world human but what kind of internal and external threats big billionaires are talking about external threats are none other than asteroids yes same from earth except dinosaur population extinct few billion years ago With colliding asteroids and internal threats he is targeting none other than the war in World War Three.

    The third world war in particular is likely to be another dark age when Musk said there could be a nuclear war if the AI ​​doesn’t wipe out us.

    This is why Musk thinks the solar system needs to be colonized. No, but everyone’s feedback is what matters. 

    What do you think we should do? Do you agree with Elon Musk?

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