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What will Elon Musk’s Twitter look like?

    Elon Musk

    Elon Musk got what he wanted Twitter is now his private town hall, the question is what does he do with it what Elon’s Twitter will look like Basically we are looking at two types of changes one Technical is the other is systemic and both have their own set of problems and change let’s start with the technical ones.

    No. 1 – Less Regulation Elon Musk calls himself a free speech autocrat, what does that mean you can say whatever you want, whenever you want with no one stopping where that leaves the hate speech and frankly No one knows if Elon Musk will tweet about it anytime soon.

    To tell us all number two – Twitter will make the algorithm public and it’s a long-standing demand. Right now no one knows how content spreads on Twitter How you watch What you see Hate speech on your timeline How is flagged for how certain Tweets are scaled.

    Elon Musk plans to make this algorithm public change number three – a potential edit button that you may eventually be able to fix our typos and mistakes again The description of this feature is yet to be defined Change number Four is currently removing ads.

    Ninety percent of Twitter’s revenue comes from ads for shareholders. This was a key issue. More revenue. More profit for them. But now once Twitter is no longer private there will be no shareholders pressure and a subscription like Musk Netflix for revenue. Pointing models or Spotify will pay you to be on Twitter.

    A War on Fake Accounts Elon Musk Only Plans to Eliminate All Bots from Twitter Given that 15 percent of Twitter accounts are automated bots in Elon Musk’s Twitter bot, these may not be major changes.

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    None of the line ups have been officially confirmed, though we’ve pieced them together from Elon Musk’s Thinking Room aka his Twitter account. Change from sounds like getting bots or edit buttons, many users are also praising Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech.

    But that’s exactly what he’s looking for some good press You may or may not like Elon Musk but you can’t deny one thing he knows brand building and Twitter helped Elon Musk build his own brand of crazy genius Well, this is good PR, but other than that there are some ominous signs.

    Think about it that media shapes public opinion everywhere in the world and who owns the largest media platforms I have the list for you Zuckerberg He is the owner of Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp Jeff Bezos He is the owner of The Washington Post Jack Ma The owner of the South China Morning Post.

    Now Elon Musk is the owner of Twitter The billionaire is controlling the global media landscape and for starters it has consequences. Musk isn’t a news guy he runs other companies like Tesla and SpaceX. What if he used Twitter to promote them? uses.

    Or turning policy makers I ask this because they tried it before you remember his tweet Elon Musk’s tweet he blamed the Indian government for Tesla’s delayed entry into the country, it’s trending too soon It was that car lovers started questioning the government, they demanded a fast track for Tesla and remember that Musk was a normal Twitter user.

    lots of followers yes but just one more user now he owns the whole thing what if he outgrows tweets about spacex what if he deletes important tweets of his cars the fact is that elon musk is something Can do whatever he wants with Twitter, no shareholders, no board members.

    It’s going to be a private fief now and think about what it means you may or may not use twitter but you know how powerful this head of state is, reaching out to his people Use Twitter for Military use Twitter to send updates.

    Activists Use Twitter to Rally Public Journalists Use Twitter to Keep People Informed and Express Opinions Whether We Like It or Not Raises important questions about who controls Elon Musk.

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has an interesting answer to China He says China controls Elon Musk and that’s what he tweeted earlier today Did the Chinese government just get a little leverage on the town square where Bezos is seen as Chinese Found the link.

    Tesla’s reliance on China It’s their second largest market, it supplies most of their batteries, so Elon Musk must be on China’s good books and don’t forget Twitter banned by China in 2009 with Elon Musk now Beijing can feel more comfortable again.

    Is all conjecture China on its part has rejected these reports, but when such powerful forums are involved, then all possibilities should be explored, which is why states are equally important, they should be banned on hate speech on propaganda. Twitter should keep a close watch on fake news.

    Let’s face it because let’s face it, our free speech isn’t guaranteed by a wannabe demigod slash billionaire, it’s guaranteed by our states by our constitutions, so governments must work to make sure that Elon Musk’s Twitter does not infringe on our rights.

    If not then it could be a downside. Social media is a platform owned and controlled by one man and that’s all we can do for now.

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