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What harsh words did Elon Musk say about Parag Agarwal and what is the new fate of Twitter?

    Twitter CEO Parag Aggarwal was about to cheat the world’s richest man and due to this, now the 44 billion deal has been renegotiated what harsh words Elon Musk said about the CEO of Twitter and what will be the new fate of Twitter Is?

    Join us today in this article as we answer these questions and reveal Musk’s new plans in response to a tweet that said the billionaire Tesla co-founder was looking for a better deal on Twitter. were were.

    Elon Musk said his offer was based on the accuracy of Twitter’s second filing in a disclosure earlier this month. The business said it estimated that spam and fake accounts represented less than five percent of its active monetizable daily users. We do.

    Although Musk said in a tweet on Tuesday that the true rate could be much higher than 20. The number of bots on Twitter has been a source of controversy for Musk recently, with the world’s richest man announcing last week that he had temporarily The transaction was started from

    Hold on while waiting for details on how Twitter assessed the number of fake accounts it claimed at the time was still dedicated to the acquisition, but his team will examine a random sample of a hundred Twitter accounts.

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