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What Elon Musk Said About Population Growth – Elon Musk Power

    What Elon Musk Said About Population Growth – Elon Musk Power

    How are you guys, so today we will know some new things, please read it completely and support us.

    Today we are going to know what did Musk say about Population.

    Elon Musk is giving a final warning to the world this time. I’m just wondering, will the world listen to the business tycoon. The CEO of Tesla is a man who cannot be ignored.

    With just one tweet he can influence the price of certain cryptocurrencies and stocks. Musk is warning the world that there is a risk of losing civilization as a result of declining birth rates and a low population.

    Join us today in this post, as we analyze Elon Musk’s final warning to the world. During a Wall Street Journal event, Elon was quoted as saying that “there aren’t enough people.

    “It is clear that Elon Musk wants there to be more people in the world. Elon Musk’s warning message The main message from the world’s richest man is that with the current low birth rate and low population, human civilization is about to collapse.

    The advancement of human civilization is closely linked to the increase in modern technology. Musk is simply saying; With more people, we will have more civilization which will eventually lead to the advancement of modern technology. 

    As such, when the world population is high, we expect to see more technological innovations and inventions. But how is this possible? With a very high population, the world may face many challenges as a result of high population. 

    As a result, humanity will be forced to think of better solutions and technologies that can address its challenges.

    Let us look at a quick example from Elon Musk’s own experience. With more people, the pollution rate is higher because there will be more cars on the road.

    The easy option would be to reduce the world’s population which would mean less number of cars on the roads resulting in reduction in pollution levels.

    It’s clear Musk wouldn’t do that. Instead, the Tesla CEO has pioneered technological advances in building the least polluting electric vehicles. 

    Let’s do the math! Musk is also quoted at a Wall Street Journal event as saying “And yet, including many people are spiraling out of control. It’s the complete opposite. Please look at the numbers.”

    Elon is challenging us to look at the numbers. Let’s take the challenge. The current world population is 7.8 billion, while the Earth’s land area is 150 million square kilometres.

    Let us now calculate the population density by dividing the world’s population by Earth’s landmass population density is 50 per square km. The world needs a population density of 50-100 people to be ecologically stable. 

    Elon Musk is absolutely right, because we are at the bottom limit of 50, and we have room to make it 100. If the world takes Musk seriously, it could even increase its population to 16 billion people. 

    Hopefully if the world refuses to heed his warnings, Musk won’t get into the business of having children. 

    I just can’t figure out how he would do that. Maybe he’ll start a gigafactory of manufacturing kids, maybe robotic kids.The world can avoid such a scenario by heeding Elon’s warning and having more children.

    Why is Elon Musk warning the Earth?

    Elon Musk is a man who has done his homework well, as he raises genuine concerns about a world with low birth rates and a sparsely populated world.

    World Bank figures show that the global birth rate has been declining steadily since 1960. For example, the average birth rate per woman was 3.2 in 1990, which dropped to 2.3 in 2021.

    Even the most populous countries like China and India have recorded low fertility rates. The fertility rate of both countries is 2.1, which is a replacement rate. 

    A replacement rate simply means that the population of a country is neither decreasing nor increasing. That is to say, the birth rate and death rate are the same in two Asian countries.

    Due to which their population becomes stable. The population of China is 1.41 billion, while that of India is 1.38 billion. The total population of both the countries is 2.8 billion.

    Which represents 35% of the world’s population. Elon is alarmed by this trend and is forced to give a stern warning to the world.

    What is Musk doing about the warning?

    Musk is taking the warnings of low birth rates and low population seriously. He is leading by example, as he has 7 kids till now. Nevada Alexander Musk was the billionaire’s first child. who died prematurely at the age of 10 weeks. For example, Elon lives with 6 kids who call him Daddy.

    It’s a clear sign that Musk is following through. Musk’s family is just as wonderful as his. He has had 3 wives till now. She was married to Justin Wilson, Tallulah Riley and Grimes.

    They have divorced both Justin and Tallulah. Tech billionaire has ‘quasi-detached’ relationship with Grimes. With Justin, they had 6 children. 

    Nevada is the firstborn who died in 2002. Musk later had twins with Justin in 2004, Griffin and Javier. Two years later he tripled Damien, Saxon and Kai.

    Musk and Justin divorced in 2008. Musk married Tula Riley in 2010 before divorcing in 2012. He later remarried Tula in 2013 before his second divorce in 2016. He had no children with his second wife.

    Elon is semi-detached from Grimes, with whom he has been from 2018 to 2021. It’s the name of Musk’s son that raises eyebrows with Grimes.

    On 4th May 2020, the couple was blessed with a son named X A-Xii. The name is as complex in pronunciation as it is in meaning.

    We hope that the child will not be different, will be as talented as his father. The business mogul is leading the way in fighting underpopulation. He is still full of energy and may have more children in the future.

    As a man, he knows no menopause and can have as many children as he wants. The only limitation is that he may need more women to produce a higher number of children. But wait, he may decide to explore another option.

    He may just decide to develop an ‘artificial uterus’. Too bad for our women. You know that almost anything is possible with Musk. We are watching his speed.

    Can Elon Musk’s warning be criticized?

    Elon’s warning to the world on the falling birth rate and low population has faced a lot of criticism. Experts argue that the world’s population is too high and cannot be sustained with available resources.

    Therefore, an increase in the world’s population will increase the pressure on the limited resources of the world. A good example is the world hunger crisis.

    More than 811 million people in the world face world hunger. However, the Tesla CEO has a solution to that crisis.

    They have challenged the United Nations to come up with a clear plan for how they will spend the $6.6 billion needed to end world hunger. Tesla’s founder and CEO has pledged to sell his Tesla stock to raise money for the initiative.

    It is quite interesting that Musk started selling 10% of his shares in Tesla on November 8, 2021. His Twitter fan base voted for the move.

    Elon’s warning is further criticized because an increase in the world’s population would lead to higher levels of unemployment. The world is facing high levels of unemployment which is having an adverse impact on the world economy.

    The era of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased the level of unemployment.

    Automation and advanced technology at Musk’s Tesla are also making robots jobless. Genius has installed giga press machines in its Tesla factories, rendering more than 200 robots unemployed.

    Musk is not only replacing people with robots, but robots with more advanced machines, such as the GigaPresses.

    Can Musk fool the world through his warnings about a sparsely populated world?

    Maybe he’s going to take us to Mars to build another economy. He intends to build a city on Mars by 2050. Architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and semi-skilled workers can smile as Musk will employ them on Mars.

    The Red Planet is likely to be our next frontier after space. Conclusion Musk warns Prithvi, we can only take revenge by foreshadowing ourselves.

    According to Elon – It’s time our women gave up on birth control methods as they floated into the baby boom period. Musk hopes the world will heed this warning and have more children. 

    Will the world listen to Elon Musk’s warnings?

    Give me your opinion about what you guys have to say.

    Thank You❤️

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