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What Elon Musk JUST DID With Justin Trudeau Changes EVERYTHING!

    What Elon Musk JUST DID With Justin Trudeau Changes EVERYTHING!

    What Elon Musk Did With Justin Trudeau Changed Everything, He changed everything. One of those people is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. So what did Elon do with the Canadian PM. Elon Musk certainly has some friends and acquaintances on social media and elsewhere offline.

    Unfortunately, the Canadian prime minister doesn’t fall into any of these categories. Although the Maple Leaf is part of the story of Elon Musk, popularly known as an American, most of Elon’s roots and branches can be traced to Trudeau’s jurisdiction. Elon Musk’s mother was born and grew up in Canada, a turn back to her roots in Allah Permit inspired her to apply for Canadian citizenship after finishing school in South Africa.

    Then going berserk he spent three more years in Canada, two of which were devoted to schooling at Queen’s University in Kingston, but not all of which were attended by his first wife, Justine Wilson Musk. Sprout from Canada as well as his on and off partner Grimes owe their existence to Canada, so this kind of association with the Maple Leaf country certainly makes sense when it comes to the Tesla CEO’s Canadian affairs . Some degree of interest, especially since Trudeau is to be expected.

    One theme of Canadian freedom that we can easily relate to is Elon Musk who likes to call himself a free speech autocrat, but what did Trudeau do this time Trudeau although the Canadian prime minister has handsome men in his own country Canadians have no face within limits, little good to say about their prime minister, yet the straw that broke the camel’s back were the COVID-19 restrictions imposed on their countrymen, to limit the spread of the virus.

    Although the way people sometimes approach the situation as a way of accepting or rejecting government sanctions is sad to say that Trudeau got Canadians on the latter end of the deal, why is it that Trudeau’s government Created a federal mandate that required truck drivers traveling to the nation’s capital to be vaccinated before being allowed to enter the country, the United States had a similar rule but Canada’s requirement was much more leaps and bounds The most frustrating thing for truckers in the Land of Opportunities was what goes into their bodies.

    The mandate to decide violates their human rights, first of all we cannot deny the sad state of affairs when it comes to vaccines. Hundreds if not thousands are horrified for some by the effects of this coveted vaccine and the vast majority will be surprised to hear that the scientific opinion about the vaccine and its effects is definitively to preserve life. The protests didn’t just involve Canadian truck drivers blocking Ottawa’s downtown, it was a mixed crowd that also included children parents and old people.

    Trudeau’s government interpreted the move as extremists opposing Trudeau’s vaccine mandate imposed on them, but wait a minute, when the temperature was ten degrees below zero, they went out of their way What science has to say about the Covid vaccine Interesting research on the vaccine shows that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can spread the virus to a similar extent, the vaccine Doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus now makes a difference.

    How the virus reacts in vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals should be an individual matter if the vaccine determines how your body reacts to the virus, but Justin Trudeau has been particularly adamant in maintaining this mandate. . No wonder protesters took up arms and cheering on the truckers on social media behind obscene banners specifically targeted was none other than Elon Musk, who responded to a tweet by Aaron Jin.

    To those who posted that Canada is not going to take more lockdowns and coveted restrictions, Musk replied that it would appear that these so-called fringe minorities are actually the government, then commenting about 10 degrees down from Canada, he said that the protest winter in Canadians showed real commitment and certainly it was real commitment to those who are protesting despite such harsh weather even though 80 percent of the protestors were vaccinated and had muskets at the time of the protest but The bottom line for the protesters remains T.

    The government should not decide what goes in its civic bodies which should be left to the individuals. Sadly, the government was doing the least bit to counter the protest that was now blocking traffic. Kasturi suggested that there could be a significant counter-protest if the government got a mandate from the people there, so he did not confirm the news until later. The government didn’t really want to deal with the situation.

    At first the government attempted to stop the GoFundMe organization from releasing funds to protest truck drivers. League data showed that at least half of the money raised online for the trucker convoy went to Canadians. And here we’re not talking about a few coins in the bank, the organization already had $4.7 million, half of which is credited to Canadians loyal to the team, while the government spent most of these funds.

    This again made Canadian news headlines, with their prime minister flying well outside the country, contrary to what Canadians expected their prime minister to perform, allowed into countries so that governments and their Somehow the citizens can find a way to talk, they can meet in the middle of the fighting and peace prevails. However, what do you expect to happen when the same person who can speak to its citizens, gives information about traveling outside the country.

    News-stream critics of his prime minister called him a coward for leaving the country and Elon Musk was scathing, to say the least. Worse, the move in his own country drew strong backlash in Canada and beyond, and Kasturi had to speak out about it, making him popular for his wrongdoing. One thing with Kasturi that is so distinctive even without his voice is that he has been and will be the richest man alive.

    Whenever Musk has something to say the world is suddenly interested and Trudeau hasn’t been lucky enough to find his name in Elon Musk’s statements but so far our best advice to Elon is to take Justin Trudeau lightly. Whatever their relationship may have been, but for Musk, for better or worse, the fact that Trudeau may be powerful and influential in a way he won’t appreciate, especially when Twitter buys Musk and Twitter.

    Justin Trudeau could potentially affect how Twitter works in Canada. If you care to hear news on Canada and its environment, you’ve probably heard of Bill C-11. The inspiration behind this ridiculous bill. Then Trudeau’s government found itself concerned about whether Canadians viewing enough Canadian content on the Internet would qualify the government in a bill.

    Despite his complex rocket science at SpaceX and some tough engineering at Tesla, Elon Musk already has a lot to deal with in his sport, around national radio television and the social media platform of Twitter. Was able to control over 300 with the task. The million wild cards on free speech social media platforms require more than a complex brain.

    Now Trudeau comes up with another version of moderation in Canada, Content moderation is nothing new to Canada, but is largely absurd in the present day, especially when commercial content providers like Netflix are not considered. Forgetting user generated content like twitter tik tok and ig will get worse now that Trudeau introduced bill c18, which likes to claim compensation for news media outlets for sharing news.

    Twitter is already on its knees. The unbearable financial burden it is currently grappling with and not least Elon Musk is in the midst of a financial crisis even on a personal level. His Tesla stock, which tied up most of his wealth, is in a free fall, not to mention he had a hand in ousting him from the top of the world’s richest man, now social media for Trudeau’s absurd bill. Outlets like Twitter to pay for Canadian news If Elon Musk had all the money in the world, this wouldn’t be a problem, but Tesla CEO pays social media company Apple the 30 percent commission demanded on every app Struggling to do as well.

    The ridiculous pay for Canada isn’t even worth it for a reasonable person, perhaps the best news for Elon Musk is that the Trudeau government has yet to finalize its plans to combat online harm, an initiative the last The year started with a comprehensive paper. The proposal to set up a comprehensive system that deals with online content moderation and having the power to block websites was accomplished within the Orwellian Digital Security Commissionerate. The resolution was discussed but interestingly, the matter would have been hidden from the public, the matter would have remained obscure if it was not for a prominent law professor and critic of the government who exposed the whole secret.

    Trudeau’s government acknowledged that groups such as the LGBTQ Plus Minority Coalition and Indigenous would have supported him to frustrate him. This group of individuals had other plans, they expressed concern that such autocratic power would be used to advocate for them. Instead his voice could have been stifled, so Trudeau decided to sweep things under the carpet. Although the official statement was taken seriously by the actual whistleblower Elon Musk, he said that the Canadian government has appointed a digital security commissioner.

    People around the world have been blocked from accessing Twitter and other services by authoritarian governments such as Canada, China, North Korea, and Iran, for example, under the false guise of online security, infringing on people’s right to access information online. to restrict. were disrupted, the proposal went smoothly as planned, Elon Musk calculated his loss of over 5 million active Twitter users in Canada, however the Prime Minister was punished adequately and thus the government was allowed to proceed.

    The sad truth is that Trudeau could easily subvert the expert panel that supports Elon Musk’s free speech regulation and best enforces office submissions. Learn the kind of blow Justin Trudeau’s government could be facing, and it will change everything you know. It looks like Twitter boss Elon Musk and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau have finally found out to have the last laugh.

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