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What Elon Musk has said about buying Manchester United as he ‘considers’ £4.5bn takeover

    What Elon Musk has said about buying Manchester United as he 'considers' £4.5bn takeover

    Here’s what Elon Musk said about buying Manchester United as he ‘considers’ £4.5bn contract Elon Musk has already driven Manchester United fans crazy despite his first contract offer ‘not as seemed to.

    Elon Musk, who has been ranked by Forbes as the second richest person in the world, claims he is considering an official bid for the Premier League giants. The soft deadline to go live has been set for Friday, by which time all partners need to register their interest with the Writen Group.

    So far, Sir Jim Ratcliffe – Britain’s richest man and chief executive of INEOS – is the only party to go public with their sobs, although many expect secrecy. Ratcliffe is set to face competition from a group of Qataris, the Emir of the Middle Eastern country and a consortium or individuals based in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

    And the Daily Mail now reports that South African billionaire Musk is also monitoring the situation. The Tesla chief has a net worth of £157bn and is one of very few individuals who could buy the club outright.

    United’s high-profile owner the Glazers are believed to value the club at around £6bn, although a bid of £4.5bn is expected to clinch a deal. Musk is said to be currently weighing his options and determining whether his chance to take on Fight Club is too good to turn down.

    It is not the first time the 51-year-old mogul has been linked with an Old Trafford buyout. Back in August last year, Musk sent United fans into a frenzy after he posted “I welcome you Manchester United” on Twitter.

    Went viral on Twitter fast, sparking hundreds and thousands of conversations before he clarified his stance: “No, this is a long running joke on Twitter. I’m not buying a game team.”

    Although he also added: “However, if there was a team, it would be the Man U. They were my favorite team as a kid.”

    He hasn’t commented on speculation about a new deal, but with time running out before the deadline, people won’t have to wait long to find out his side. Billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s partner in an executive box in Arizona watched Super Bowl LVI over the weekend.

    Musk’s reputation in the business world has recently taken a hit with Twitter’s $44 billion deal, which is largely seen as a spectacular loss. Despite this, the Glazers stated that he had the marking ability needed to provide “growth” for the club.

    The American family announced their intention to end United’s highly controversial leadership in November, confirming they were looking for a “strategic alternative to the club”.

    United legend Gary Neville is critical of the Glazers and has recently backed Ratcliffe, believing he would do the right thing for the club.

    “The main thing is that the Glazers leave as soon as possible and secondly, whoever takes it over, if they can hand it over to people who are in good hands and have feeling for the club.” It would be great, Neville told Sky Sports.

    “Jim Ratcliffe was born in Manchester and he knows the area. If he wins, I think Manchester United fans will be very happy. He’ll want to do the right thing by the club – of course I’m sure.” that he will

    “It’s the main thing beyond staying Glazers, that they don’t give … I don’t think United can hand it over to another investment firm who are expecting a return on your money. Private inquiries are coming into football ” I’m a little worried about it and after all, they are demanding a refund of your money and a return on your investment.

    🚨 – He’s the world’s second richest man 🤑
    And it’s not the first time he’s commented on Manchester United 👀

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