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What does Elon Musk’s SpaceX company want to do on Mars? – Elon Musk Power

    Elon Musk said – Will take people to Mars by 2024, anxiously hanging tight during the current day when there will be a home of people on Mars, all things considered, for what reason does Elon Musk need to go to Mars, what is his expectation? 
    You will be told everything and today we will thoroughly understand it, so kindly help us.

    Will Mars have settlements to live in?

    Elon Musk is one of the tycoon individuals, he established SpaceX with the assistance of colonizing Mars and will likewise go to Mars with the assistance of SpaceX. 
    Elon Musk is caught up with building Starship spaceship to satisfy his fantasy. SpaceX needs the organization to send people to Mars inside 2022 through both Starship and Crew missions before 2024.
    Elon Musk Says SpaceX, Will take people to Mars, however it is likewise important to assemble houses for people and thinking about this, endeavors will be made to make super durable settlements for people. 
    We realize very well that residing on Mars isn’t simple thing, it will have numerous sorts of issues, it isn’t similar to our earth where we can carry on with existence with practically no issue.

    What is the plan for Mars?

    You know, considering the increasing number of people on Mars, they must have food, water, living space and necessities, or else SpaceX should build a city on Mars so that everyone can live there.
    The CEO of SpaceX said – this is absolutely correct, he believes that suppose people start living on Mars and the boat stops coming to Earth, then it is a walk in the park for the people living on Mars at that time. Will happen.
    After making various plans to take people to Mars, they are trying to make the city on Mars independent. By which the things of need can be made available ahead of time, later people will be taken there.
    Elon Musk said it’s anything but no joke to do this, the city can be made independent, because there is no nutrient C on Mars, so at that point, its a huge advance for it. will be taken.
    SpaceX will carry 1,000 space equipment and “1,000,000 tons of Vitamin C, SpaceX will send 10,000 shuttles to Mars, it will beat Vitamin C deficiency”

    What will happen to the starship?

    If not, the person will bite the dust due to lack of nutrients. Elon Musk will send 2 starships to Mars, his aim will be to find starships important to man in Mars, then, a charge creation plant will be built that will collect a ton of ice and make fuel.
    Elon Musk said – the main starship will be shipped from Mars, it will give data about water sources in the dirt and the second will try to convert water and carbon dioxide in the modest quality of Mars into oxygen and methane rocket fuel,
    Then, at that point, a synthetic production line would be set up, after subsequent access to the asset was discovered. Then, at that point, what we really want will be accessible and people will be able to go, they will also live practically without any problems.
    SpaceX will choose where to land the Starship and later, depending on access to the asset, the SpaceX Starship will land on Mars. There are 2 spots for starships to arrive on Mars,
    1. The first Arcadia Planitia is close to Erebus Montes
    2. The second is closer to Flegra Montes. The two have some similarities that are very similar to each other and that probably isn’t a problem.

    Will trees be planted on Mars?

    Elon Musk says – both these spots are in the planet where it will not be difficult to land the starship, and there is enough ice in these spots, the spaceship will work in these spots, people will not be needed, SpaceX without the help of team starship intends to do.
    Elon Musk says that – people will need food and basic things after reaching Mars, Elon Musk presents his vision for proper administration of food that plants will be planted for the main human colony to reach Mars.
    At that point, a human climate with the use of sun-oriented fuel tanks-agriculture would be created and life would be simpler. To protect it from abundant radiant radiation or sunlight based storms, unfiltered sun powered chargers will be built nearby.
    Elon Musk has said that food will be delivered to the developed habitats of Mars where people will live, and that will be until the issue of Mars is fully resolved and the whole approach becomes humane.
    One source of this would be food. Elon Musk has considered changing the air of Mars with the goal that people can lead their lives freely.

    Will there be a government on Mars?

    Musk said that people should take care of a large space with mirrors where they can live very happily, when you look outside the mirror what a wonderful view and wind, the people living there will take part in this inclination.
    Also a major park walk, and the climate that SpaceX should create on Mars, to be enjoyed with great pleasure.
    Elon Musk says that if terraforming the entire planet becomes possible, then individuals will have no problem and can move around without suits. Elon Musk said it would take more than 100 years for this to happen.
    Elon Musk said that this thing touched my heart, he said that there will be neither government nor law on Mars. Musk said that people living on Mars get the opportunity to live as they wish, it will not be law and order, which is amazing. What’s more that certain principles must be followed.
    The guidelines would also apply to Mars, so people don’t make mistakes and follow the modus operandi Musk only accepts in direct majority rule government, greatly reducing the potential for debate. Due to which there will be no off-base work on Mars.

    How many people are going to go to Mars?

    Musk also said that assuming there is a law on Mars, any bill would need 60% of the vote to become law, and that if he made a mistake, people would vote 40 percent of the ballot to eliminate it. Will put
    The SpaceX CEO said that once Mars is completely stable, it will use individuals, who will be in multiple positions. This has not happened yet, but in the coming time it will be prepared in every way.
    When Elon Musk has achieved such a great feat, he will send 1,000,000 people to Mars and assuming that SpaceX can get out of the extraordinary crisis, what’s the serious point in building a human existence on Mars, in any sky? is the limit.
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