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Twitter Responds to Elon Musk’s Call for Help

    Twitter Responds to Elon Musk's Call for Help

    Twitter responded to Elon Musk’s call for help in a way no one expected.

    Elon Musk shocked millions of his fans and critics alike on February 5 by saying that the past few months have been hell. The serial entrepreneur went so far as to garner public support during this extremely difficult time.

    The past 3 months have been extremely difficult, as Twitter has had to save itself from bankruptcy while fulfilling essential Tesla and SpaceX duties,” the billionaire wrote in comments to a Wall Street Journal article on February 5. Any.

    Twitter still has challenges, but it’s trending now if we keep at it.

    Musk then did what he rarely does: he sought everyone’s support.

    “Public support is greatly appreciated!”

    ‘I worry about myself too’
    Support immediately came to him with words of encouragement and prayers.

    “Please stay safe and take care, the world needs you, Elon,” commented one Twitter user.

    The billionaire replied, “I’m worried about myself too.”

    “You are the only one who can do this! We believe in you! You have our support πŸ’›” replied the same user.

    Another Twitter user said, “It is a huge responsibility for a man, but God sees your heart and is with you.” “Globalists know this and the day you accept them more than ever – no promises the fight will be less but the burden will be lighter. I need you to fight.”

    “Elon, we believe in you! Stay safe and sound always!” a user quipped.

    Another user reminded him that “God also rests brother. Praying for you.”

    Another user agreed, saying, “Even god took 7th day off. We all love you, even your haters love you.”

    There were many comments that asked Musk to stay relaxed. Some Twitter users told him that they kept working non-stop like him until they realized it was not viable.

    “Sleep dude, I have the same habits! Useless!” advised a user.

    Another user said, “Everyone needs a day of rest each week, and it is my prayer that you find peace and joy in your relationship with Jesus. Anyway, there are many of us who thank you.” Let’s give.” To give and take care of you.”

    “You alone are impressive but always remember most people work 7 days/week and still struggle… You have talent but you are also a very lucky person. Which is great! Never let it go ” Forget it – I bet that’s already the case,” yelled in another user.

    Kasturi’s busy schedule
    Since late October and finalizing his acquisition of Twitter, the billionaire has joined five major companies. Three of them – Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter – play highly symbolic roles in their respective fields of activity. The other two companies are Neuralink and The Boring Company.

    In this way he found himself with many challenges to overcome. The first is to make Twitter profitable as quickly as possible because it went into $13 billion in debt to finance the deal, which was valued at $44 billion.

    In addition to running these companies, Musk also faced two civil trials in which he testified. In one of the trials, Tesla’s investors accused him of fraud over 2018 tweets in which he claimed to have received money to take Tesla private. In this case, the jury acquitted him on 3 February.

    The other lawsuit is related to the generous compensation package offered to him by Tesla. The decision in this matter is still awaited. Juggling between processes while completing all of his company’s projects at the same time would be nearly impossible for many entrepreneurs, but not for Musk.

    Back in 2018, Musk said in interviews that Tesla was “close to death” during the troubled ramp-up of the mass-market Model 3. He indicated at the time that he was sleeping at the factory and called the Model 3 buildout “production hell”.

    Musk then declared, “No one should have to put in that many hours.” “It’s not good. It was very painful. It hurts my mind and my heart.”

    ”Twitter Responds to Elon Musk’s Call for Help.
    Amazing messages of support for Elon in TwitterπŸ‘ŒThe same is to be seen in this group πŸ’― Let’s keep up supporting Elon, he needs the support like Any of us! πŸ€—

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