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Twitter Asks for Elon Musk to Turn Over Texts From First Six Months of 2022

    Twitter Asks for Musk to Turn Over Texts From First Six Months of 2022

    Twitter is asking Musk to turn on text from the first six months of 2022. Exchanged evidence ahead of trial in fight for $44 billion buyout offer.

    The social-media company made public a proposed Friday court order in Delaware related to a sealed request for sanctions against Elon Musk and his lawyers.

    The firm wants Delaware Chancery Judge Kathleen St.J. According to court filings, McCormick ordered Elon Musk to produce all of his text messages from January 1 to July 8. Twitter also wants texts from Musk’s top aide Jared Birchall for the same period. Birchall runs Musk’s family office and is believed to have been deeply involved in setting up the financing for the Twitter buyout.

    Twitter lawyers say Elon Musk and his lawyers failed to act in “good faith” when the texts were presented as part of a pre-trial information exchange related to his lawsuit. , seeking to force them to complete the $54.20-per-share deal. Munch and Musk have called on more than 100 banks, hedge funds and individuals to collect ammunition for the October 17 test in Wilmington, Delaware.

    Elon Musk’s lawyers on Friday denied any wrongdoing related to the exchange of pre-trial information. They argue that Twitter ran a campaign to cover up witnesses with detailed information about the platform’s customer-based spam and the number of robot accounts. Musk has questioned those accounts as justification for walking away from the deal.

    Alex Spiro, one of Elon Musk’s lawyers, said in an emailed statement that since Twitter’s efforts to hide information and witnesses have been exposed, they are now trying to deflect attention from this nonsense. According to the proposed order, Twitter also wants McCormick to order Elon Musk to testify about his legal team’s response to Twitter’s questions about the deal.

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