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Troll: Elon Musk Attacks Bill Gates With Pregnant Man Emoji

    Elon Musk

    Whoever slid to hell Elon Musk a joint full of red bullets good deed god bless you it’s the fruit of your labor Trying to buy something.

    He’s Out There Openly Attacking Communists On Twitter And Now He’s Going After The Billiam Gates Row, You’re Going To Talk About A Big Problem For The Left For Establishment The Way This Establishment Operates Happens, he takes on people who absolutely hate.

    Nobody Likes the Shape of Potato Head Greta Van Doomsberg Nobody Likes Obama Nobody Likes Obama Let’s not like this gremlin son.

    Who has professionals working in their mansion who are getting caught with child porn on their laptops. And then to be arrested, well ignore his mansion, I’m sure there’s nothing to see but no Elon Musk exploding the false notion.


    The reality that is propagated through these mainstream media networks like CNN and Fox and all these other platforms through these corporate entities and then of course all the ring fenced by the big tech elites so that they can go out there and crack these numb nuts. Can increase

    On hormone blockers who scream i love brie martha so much you don’t know no one likes brie larson have you seen our feet no one likes these guys and here you like twitter Might see Elon Musk again in the midst of blasting a huge promotional platform.

    There’s still time to post the damn thing he’s putting that weaponized ad to good use it’s his super power and take a look again this is just the latest he’s doing here these guys here bill gates If you need to lose a boner fast it’s a one-two punch.

    Which he’s making fun of people you wouldn’t be joking as a woman or any menstruating man because awake the mafia will arrest them alon muss k is joking that he that god joking around.

    Bless him and he’s making fun of him by using someone else you shouldn’t be making fun of for the vaccine passport and the experimental injector’s son. You leave your house during sniff season Ginger Bounce Make no mistake and I don’t think this is Elon Musk’s final look.

    It’s an attack. It’s a direct attack on the establishment that we haven’t seen since Donald’s heyday. Trump’s Twitter Account Where He Was Going After People When Donald Trump Is Bringing Up All of Bill Clinton’s Rape Allegations and That Type of Things That Same Type of Energy Elon Musk Has Bill Gates With This Stupid Pregnant Emoji making fun of.

    Punch for a one-two installation while he’s trying to detonate one of the tools he’s used to gas like this planet’s tens of millions of people is catastrophic and here’s how you know that they’re going to have to respond in a way that this is a stupid horrible meme he’s pushing out.

    They can’t let it go unaccounted for they don’t know how many people hit that kind of button on it see below it got almost a million likes holy holy it’s delicious and that means shadow man with him anyway shadow man And Dude has 80 million followers.

    When you shadow Ben and throttle Elon Musk still he ain’t showing everyone nobody likes Bill Gates likes these stupid emoji it’s a joke everyone understands what’s going on here and The establishment is getting its ass kicked by another billionaire.

    You see there’s a bunch of billionaires recognizing that they’re not part of the gecko people are kids and they’re recognizing that all they’re doing is Elon Musk works 17 hours a day these guys week Let’s work all day every day and they are seeing Washington DC being destroyed by these criminal suckers.

    Hat they see that some of their children’s legacy is in their future destiny, it’s being blasted by goofball criminals who are allegedly between themselves and the tapioca and the kids and so they’re coming out they meme Fighting with making meme war is real man who is about to blow up his Twitter platform.

    He’s still here posted while he’s attacking this dumb goofball that looks like he’s transitioning from the way he put bill gates on hormone blockers see this fat here this is the dude who last Leading medical expert in a few years, this is the dude who was giving medical advice this fat look at him over here.

    look at her it looks like she’s pregnant with reptiles or something here god knows what kind of xenomorphs this bastard’s belly is pointing here oh oh you guys going to eat you guys going to drink the toilet water and you’re going to eat bug burgers, look at yourself fatty what an absolute blast.

    You have my friend Elon Musk coming on this forum blazing against one of the blazing guns of the architects of the new world order. I love to see it’s a battle of billionaires.

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