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The rocket booster caught fire during the testing of the SpaceX rocket, but no one was hurt

    The rocket booster caught fire during the testing of the SpaceX rocket, but no one was hurt

    A roaring event that blasted through SpaceX’s rocket test facility in Boca Chica TX on Monday began around 20 p.m. CDT when Super Heavy Booster 7 or its launch mount inadvertently struck a cloud of flammable gas produced during a flow test. ignited.

    Which included most if not all of its 33 Raptor engines. When the resulting cloud of well-mixed methane and oxygen gas was accidentally ignited, it acted like a small fuel air bomb that generated a violent detonation and shockwave. Used to burn fast.

    After the initial detonation, the fire burns as much as possible; the resulting gas produces a fireball that reaches heights of 80 to 90 meters, the engine bursts into flames and an explosion is heard in the air. gives.

    Those who shake cameras remotely recording the test CEO Elon Musk apparently not directly participating in the test It was initially said that the explosion and fire were planned meaning it was more or less the result of a nominal yes booster. Engine testin ji he said, but others were not sure that there was going to be a ball of fire.

    I’m probably wrong, but of course the ignition by the pad with those lifts was not planned and so NASA Space Flight’s Michael Bayler tweeted to maintain the safety of some local residents.

    SpaceX, still living in the village of Boca Chica, is required to issue well-printed safety warnings before Starship tests that could create shockwaves capable of breaking glass and injuring locals.

    SpaceX has intentionally never conducted such a test without delivering those warnings and did not distribute the warnings all but before July 11 while guaranteeing that no ignition events were planned.

    A few hours later, Musk deleted his original tweet and posted a separate one confirming that the explosion was in fact not a good one and that SpaceX is assessing the damage.

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