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The Insane Engineering Of SpaceX Raptor Engine, Why Is He Called The King Of Rocket Engine? – Elon Musk Power

    SpaceX Raptor Engine

    SpaceX’s deranged Raptor engines power the starship that Musk is taking to Mars, what makes them so cool, and why is he called the king of rocket engines? It’s a sneak peek into the insane engineering of SpaceX’s Raptor engine, the Starship being nothing without its Raptor engine.

    To produce thrust to help the starship escape Earth’s gravitational pull and propel it on its interplanetary voyages, it must be enormous because the starship is meant to lift heavy payloads of up to 100 tons, this is critical, if The dream of oysters is to plant people.

    Decided to build a new engine, what was its name?

    Featuring everything necessary for life on Mars, which will be delivered to the planet by Starship, SpaceX is nothing short of powerful rockets, part of the spacecraft’s roster is the Falcon 9, which is partially reusable, It is capable of destroying up to 22 payloads.

    The less than 800 kg low-Earth orbit Falcon 9 is powered by an in-house developed Merlin engine by SpaceX, although Starship required something more powerful and spaceflight, the former decided to build a new engine, named It was Raptor.

    SpaceX is rolling out a lot of crazy concepts that some rocket companies have tried, the result being a beast in the form of a rocket engine, each Raptor engine weighing about 1.5 tons. And it will supply 11 million horsepower. The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most powerful sports cars ever built, weighing a third of that but producing no more than 1200 horsepower.

    The exhaust of the Raptor engine has been expelled over 10 times. If that’s not crazy enough for you, the fuel in the chamber burns at a temperature high enough to melt the walls of the chamber. In case you wonder, why the wall doesn’t melt because of the clever way the flame is kept away from the walls.

    Is methane a better fuel because of its higher performance and lower cost than kerosene?

    Super cold fuel is also pumped through the walls by manipulating the gas flow, as the Raptor engine acts as additional protection, like most rockets ejecting the gases fast enough to pus the H spacecraft forward. Although much clever engineering makes the Raptor a powerful rocket, the engines depart from standard fare for rockets in their design.

    SpaceX has opted for a full flow staged combustion cycle inside the engine ignition, controlled by dual redundant spark plug light torches, igniters meaning there is no need for the dedicated consumable igniter fluid found in Merlin , the raptor combines methane and oxygen, which are deeply cooled for propellants near their freezing point at such low temperatures.

    The propellant is denser which increases the overall performance of the engine. Methane is a better fuel due to its higher performance and lower cost than kerosene.  Or hydrogen-based propellant. It is far easier to store than hydrogen because it requires less effort to keep it cold at cryogenic levels, it also weighs less than hydrogen, which means more methane can be stored in the same tank. 

    Is the development of the Raptor engine incredibly impressive?

    Residue during burning, known as coking, limits the rocket’s reusability, the high efficiency means that the Raptor engine, with roughly the same size as the Merlin engine, produces a lot of pressure and thrust, There is no other rocket engine in existence capable of producing more energy using liquid.

    The development of the methane and oxygen Raptor engine as a propellant is incredibly impressive, especially when you consider that CEO Elon Musk didn’t read anything about rocket science in school, but the videos I took continue to improve. Taught myself everything by listening to experts to keep.

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    Will both oxygen and methane completely mix in the gas phase?

    My first 1000 customers will get a one month free trial of Skillshare for clicking the link in the description, so you can start your creative pursuit today by choosing fuel for the engine Forward Thinking by the Design Team at SpaceX There is another evidence for this, the starship is going to Mars, and guess which gas there is abundant methane, so the idea is to mine the methane on the planet.

    A starship can refuel before starting the return trip, this would simplify a lot of things and even make travel a higher magnitude cheaper, would it be sim, your airplane at a foreign airport The full flow phased combustion cycle meant for refueling for K landing and second takeoff, both oxygen and methane would be completely mixed in the gas phase before entering the combustion chamber.

    In this way every drop of fuel is used efficiently. The full flow design makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons, for example it eliminates the need for sealing between the fuel and the oxidizer. This ceiling is often a source of failure in conventional rockets using the full flow design, which also means that a pumping system is not required.

    Easy Point’s;-

    1. In addition to handling the excessive pressure that is another potential source of catastrophic failure, SpaceX can dial down the pressure in the combustion chamber so that it can actually perform more during testing, the Raptor setting the record for an operational engine. 

    2. 330 bar pressure is achieved without The previous record holder used for orbital payloads was the Russian rd-180 which could withstand 31 bar pressure.

    3. All of these contribute to the high reusability of the Raptor engines, they are actually suitable for 1 000 flights, which is a big deal in space travel, when the Raptor engine is miles ahead compared to other companies’ rockets. 

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