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The House member who received Elon Musk’s first vote for a Republican lost her seat after only 5 months

    The House member who received Elon Musk's first vote for a Republican lost her seat after only 5 months

    The GOP House representative, who received Elon Musk’s first Republican vote earlier this year, was kicked out of Congress in the midterm after only five months.

    Texas GOP Rep. Myra Flores lost her seat in the state’s 34th Congressional District by a wide margin to Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, who counted 96% of the vote Wednesday morning, trailing Flores by nearly nine percentage points.

    Flores held the seat for just five months after being vacated by Democrat Philemon Vela, turning it red in mid-June in a special election in the district, which includes the SpaceX base in Boca Chica.

    Elon Musk predicted big gains for Republicans when Flores won in June that failed to materialize as results late Tuesday night I voted for Myra Flores the first time I voted Republican Gave Voted.

    As elections began on Tuesday, Flores echoed the mood of Musk and many GOP supporters by tweeting a picture of a red wave with comments that today’s forecast had been proven wrong within 24 hours.

    As of early Wednesday, nationwide results were still being counted and both the Senate and the House of Representatives were still in limbo, although Republicans could still make significant gains. No one claimed that a decisive red wave had passed.

    It’s not clear who Musk voted for in this election, although on Monday he tweeted advocating voting Republican in the Congressional race. That’s entirely up to this year with the actual voting history of the Democrats.

    He was less certain, saying that he has voted Democrat heavily in the past, but said that as I am not sure I would have ever voted Republican, just to be clear, he described himself as a moderate. Told who does not lean towards any party.

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