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The Evolution of Elon Musk (Broke To Billionaire)

    The Evolution of Elon Musk (Broke To Billionaire)

    Charismatic, talented, dynamic, an exceptional freak of nature, these are the ingredients to make a billionaire. We are talking about none other than the star of the digital age. Elon Musk has become the new icon of innovation in the modern era of technology.

    He knows how to shape the future by dipping his finger in every recipe. A programmer, nonetheless, a technical genius and one of the greatest innovators of the 21st century, but what drove him to come this way is the real question here.

    We are going to share the journey of our super innovator, investor and above all, technology. Elon Musk recently took the title of the world’s richest person, and we have all the details about his net worth. On January 7, it was reported that Musk had undefeated Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who was the world’s richest person since 2017.

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, Musk is currently worth $207 billion. The outlet also noted that he ends up with a net worth of $170 billion in 2020, meaning he has amassed more than $30 billion in just a few days.

    Today we will connect his life with years of hard work and never ending hunger for success. So, don’t miss any moment, and let’s get started. Early Life: After immigrating from South Africa and later moving to Canada, Elon was born on 28 June 1971.

    As his life story goes, he was bullied as a child and later became what his bullies might now regret—an inspiration. At the age of 12, Elon developed a simple game called “Blastar” for a computer magazine for $500.

    His early passion for computer programming had his success written in stone. By the time he completed his studies, he was ready to pave the way for success. Achievement first: Musk launched ZIP2 with his brother Kimble.

    With the help of some angel investors, Musk tried his luck, and ZIP2 got off the ground, and Compaq bought ZIP2 in a 2:47 deal for $341 million in cash and stock, making Musk $22 million richer. PayPal: But it was just the trailer.

    Using $10 million from the sale of ZIP2, he invested in his new venture,, an online banking company, in 1999. Within a year, merged with Confinity (a financial startup).

    Created a big company called PayPal, which Musk was now CEO of. But as the saying goes, two steps forward, one step back. Then Elon was fired due to some complications between the co-founders.

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