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The Disturbing Truth Behind Elon Musk’s Productivity

    The Disturbing Truth Behind Elon Musk's Productivity

    The secret of Elon Musk’s immense success is hard work in every working hour. It’s unbelievable yet the tech billionaire has many others. Not perfect like successful businessmen.

    Elon Musk appreciates positive criticism in an interview Elon explains how customer feedback helps him excel at it.

    It is very important to check that actively seek and listen for negative feedback and this is something people avoid because it is painful yes but I think actively searching is a very common mistake.

    hear negative feedback where do you go on forums do you go on twitter like w hat is your area where you go to see feedback about tesla it’s like everyone i talk actually when friends get a product So I said look don’t tell me what you like, tell me what you don’t like.

    otherwise your friend won’t tell you how ok it’s going to say oh i like this and that and then skip more this is stuff i don’t like list because you wanna be your friend you know ‘I don’t want to hurt you.

    So you really need to give negative feedback and you should know that if someone is your friend or at least not your enemy and they are giving you negative feedback then they may be wrong but it comes from a good place.

    Sometimes your enemies also give you good negative feedback yes absolutely uh, so i think like positive feedback it is important skill like ducking out of water because you really know about underweight and overweight.

    negative feedback and then I think it’s also important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy, so the way we conduct our lives are we reasoning by analogy because it’s something more like this or that doing what other people are doing.

    It’s easier mentally by analogy rather than first principles, but my first principle is a physics way of looking at the world and what it really means is that you boil things down to the most fundamental truths and say precisely what we are sure of.

    Takes a lot of mental energy, no doubt Elon’s philosophy of thinking already has a great influence on his work-ethic thinking. Principles That Help Multi-talented CEOs Solve Multiple Problems in Many of Their Companies In another interview, the tech genius reveals the crazy work ethic he adopted when starting companies.

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