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Elon Musk Says There Has Been 20 Billion Worth Of EV Charging In The Past Decade Which Is Enough To Drive From Earth To Pluto

    Elon Musk Says There Has Been 20 Billion Worth Of EV Charging In The Past Decade Which Is Enough To Drive From Earth To Pluto

    September 2022 marks exactly 10 years since the launch of Tesla Supercharger, the world’s first owned electric vehicle fast charging network, whose network has been expanded to over 39,000 charging stalls across 46 countries, in a commemorative tweet.

    Tesla writes that 20 billion worth of EV charging has taken place in the past decade which is enough to drive from Earth to Pluto and that is quite an achievement and the project is nowhere near finished, in fact progress on the supercharger network is now accelerating Has been Happening.

    Tesla installs an average of one charging station for every 1,000 cars sold and new growth capacity is at an all-time high, thanks to the rapid implementation of government aid programs such as the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States, it says That everything is golden there are still some challenges due to the huge cost.

    Some may miss the days when supercharging was free for Tesla owners, which is no longer the case and the rising cost of electricity has reduced EV savings over gasoline, but there are processes in motion that will solve this problem. Will do We can make EV charging much cheaper, it absolutely can be done.

    The very first Tesla Supercharger stations were set up in September 2022 to support the rollout of the Model S. It was not their first vehicle, they had already released limited edition roadster sports cars, but the Model S was their first mass production vehicle.

    Which was intended to serve as the best all-electric daily driver for an electric car. For a gasoline vehicle offering fast and cheap recharging was essential, the old 2012 Model S came with 265 miles of range from an 85 kilowatt hour battery pack which is still a good one.

    Range but efficiency is terrible by today’s standards. While the Model Y can squeeze 330 miles of range out of a battery that only holds 75 kilowatt hours of energy with the original 90 kWh output of the first generation Supercharger, the Model S has fifty percent of its range. Tesla pioneered new features such as remote opening charge ports.

    And knowing all the information that appears on the car’s car requires quick authorization of a vehicle with automatic charging. With no screens or buttons on all of the charging stations in the Supercharger network, leaving the charger completely sleek and simple to access via the main screen or the Tesla phone app was always something that set Tesla apart.

    There were still other automotive brands aspiring to make electric cars. They were really just focused on getting the vehicles out there and letting someone else figure out how to charge. What they didn’t know was that the government should own a gas station for third parties while Tesla supercharging just gets better and better up to 120 kW of power and then up to 250 with hundreds and thousands of new stations all over America.

    Canada then finally the rest of Europe and Asia. EV charging networks continue to suck and really perpetuate the myth that electric cars are useless because you can’t go anywhere with them. Tesla was the only company willing to go the extra mile for its customers. Was ready for life and prove that as long as there is a reliable charging network.

    Till then you can go anywhere with electric vehicle and this was a major factor in establishing Tesla as the top electric vehicle manufacturer in the world and now in late 2022 Tesla has already come a long way in the world of electric vehicles. Has done Started the process of opening frozen profits, this has happened in some European countries.

    The US knighthood said why would Tesla give up such a huge competitive advantage so quickly as in doing so they open up the potential for even more significant profits. Now we enter the world of government subsidies and how Tesla can get the government to charge your car. Okay so we all know that huge subsidies have been paid by national governments for a very long time.

    Gasoline has historically been essential to fossil fuel producers and to maintaining abundant and cheap supplies of essential commodities such as diesel and natural gas, with gasoline selling for approximately one dollar and fifty cents per dollar.

    If I go to my grocery store, I can buy a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke for three dollars, so gasoline costs about the same per liter as Diet Coke, and these are some of the highest gas prices we’ve seen in this section. I have seen that gas is generally very cheap in terms of volume compared to Coca-Cola in the world.

    Coke is just water mixed with corn syrup and a little bit of chemical junk to make gasoline you have to break up the earth and get the crude oil out of the depths. Then it must be taken to a huge petrochemical fact factory so that it can be refined into gasoline and then transported to those stations.

    where it has to be pumped out of tanks and into cars and that’s a vastly simplified version of events, but somehow we pay the same price as Chinese water thanks to all the subsidies, adding up to a whole lot of difficulty Because there is little transparency as to how much public money is being transferred to which companies.

    But conservative estimates suggest that the United States pours in about $20 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies. Twenty percent goes to coal industry and 80 goes to natural gas and crude oil. The European Union pours in about 55 billion euros per year in fossil fuel subsidies.

    According to a recent study by Forbes magazine, the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States is the first large-scale stimulus for sustainable energy that we have seen in this part of the world. In just two months since the IRA’s passage, $28 billion in new investment in green energy manufacturing has occurred, with estimates suggesting that the IRA could increase US GDP by one percent by 2030.

    Could Create 9 Million Jobs Over Next Decade Credit Suisse Estimates IRA Will Generate $1.7 Trillion In New Green Energy Investment By The End Of This Decade So What Has The Fossil Fuel Industry Done For So Many Decades And We Know For A Fact That this type of growth and development in the industry reduces supply costs.

    Consumers going back to the first launch of the Tesla Supercharger network in 2012, Elon had this beautiful dream of installing a solar panel on a Supercharger station that would generate more electricity than he could. When offering free charging for all Tesla customers with SolarCity Tesla’s charging system Elon said you would be able to travel for free on pure sunlight forever and clearly this doesn’t work, not just Tesla customers Now have to pay for supercharging.

    We ain’t even driving on pure sunlight either it was a good idea though still way ahead of its time but maybe that time is now a decade later I don’t care what you think about Joe Biden What can I say, I’m Canadian but with the inflation cut act the government is literally paying people to make solar panels and batteries.

    The United States is finally doing the same thing for sustainable energy that it has always done for fossil fuel energy and it is this kind of groundwork that we need to finally move beyond the old to the new way we will live forever. Will remain Make Elon Musk’s dream of free travel come true. We have the technology of Pure Sunlight.

    We just need to bring it to the world on a large scale and at a reasonable cost. The irony is that Joe Biden may be the one who makes it a reality. If we can do this then there is no argument for fossil fuels being created. Left for nt it settles down and wreaks all the toxic havoc with it.

    It’s going to take a long time to fix but at least we can stop breaking things on a daily basis this is the first step let us know in the comments section below what you think we should do to get back free supercharging or free EVs What to do is how long will it take to charge normally or is it just wishful thinking.

    Elon Musk Giga Press Machine:

    Elon Musk is determined to revolutionize the automobile industry, as Elon Musk should be, first with the massive Gigapress Elon Musk turned car manufacturing on its head, but now he’s announced that his company is upping the game. What size is this new machine moving forward?

    Giga Press Elon Musk is best known as the visionary CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, but did you know he’s also working on something that could completely change manufacturing called IDRA and it recently Delivered its first 9 000 tonne giga press this colossal machine is unlike anything else on the planet.

    It has the potential to revolutionize the way everything from cars to buildings are made. The automobile industry is steeped in traditions, methods of manufacturing that they have become accustomed to and find it difficult to let go. One of them is that they build their cars by assembling different parts supplied by different vendors, they do a lot of welding bolting and riveting to make all the parts fit together because the car needs to come together and be a need to live together.

    Group GigaPress is packed and Tesla is on its way to Giga Texas A pharmaceutical group shows the new 9 000 ton GigaPress packed and ready to be shipped to Tesla’s Giga Texas facility Italy the only company to build machinery on such a large scale Is. the challenge. The company now claims that it has completed assembly and testing of this massive press which has reportedly arrived in the United States.

    It is astonishing to see such a huge machinery. E-Draw announced the completion of the process in a video, noting that this innovation revolutionizes the manufacturing of car body structures, especially with so many visible moving parts. Significantly reducing assembly time and cost, Drill was the first company to receive a production order for the 9,000-ton machines that can be used for the SUV and small truck markets.

    This special 9000 ton press can be used to make the Tesla Cybertruck frame from the die. aluminum casting as indicated by the youtube video description except that as noted above the light trucks Edra have already supplied Gigapress to Tesla which are now in operation and only two separate stampings made a The entire model has been enabled to create Wi-Fi frames which reduces the number significantly.

    Prior to the introduction of the GigaPress the rear of a Model Y frame was composed of 70 separate pieces with the required number of different parts for comparison, which has now been reduced to one, reportedly allowing Tesla to eliminate approximately 300 robots. has been allowed. Which aided in the assembly of all 70 parts, thus speeding up the car manufacturing process while reducing the complexity and manufacturing cost incurred by the car manufacturer.

    A single rear body piece that replaced 70 different parts in the Model Y and it is currently doing the same with the front underbody, reducing costs and streamlining the manufacturing process following Tesla’s success , it appears that many other automakers are attempting to replicate its integration. The Large Casting Technologies Cyber Truck is expected to have three major structural components.

    Rear Section Bed and Frontal Crash Structure The new press is an important part of Tesla’s production line as it will be used to make body panels and other metal body components. The Tesla Cybertruck 9000 Ton GigaPress can be seen in a shipping box, prepared to be shipped to a Tesla facility, in a short post shared by the company’s LinkedIn page. A trip that usually takes about a month, depending on where in the U.S. Where does the port press go?

    Calculating where and when the press will arrive in Austin with publicly available data is nearly impossible due to the number of factors that affect shipping times. The truck would require a much larger press machine than existing Tesla products. E-Draw was not named as the creator of the infamous press at the time.

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