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Tesla stock – Tesla company is good for you

    Tesla stock

    Tesla stock, Today we are talking about Tesla, everyone has an opinion about Tesla.Some love it, some hate it but no one is completely indifferent to it.Tesla is the right investment for you, Tesla is not the best company if you are looking for cheap stocks.If you’re just picking cigarette butts off the street like Warren Buffett Coin Tesla is probably the right company for you.If you look at their multiples for example selling by price they’re currently trading at 16.

    If you compare it to Ford or GM or Volkswagen you are probably looking at 0.5 to 0.4.While the rest of the auto industry is trading at 0.5.4%, Tesla is trading at 16.That’s 30x better than the Volkswagen Gram and Ford, to find out for myself the highest multiplier I could find to date in the industry.Tesla Stock, Tesla is like the kings of the auto industry at this point, so they’re trading on one.Tesla is 16 times better than Toyota, I don’t know, but I will tell you that their numbers are quite impressive.

    Especially when you compare the numbers that some of these other companies are showing you.Let’s start with efficiency and for that we have to talk about margin for that company.Toyota makes 10 million cars, the same amount of cars therefore being about a tenth that of Tesla.Ramp already has the best margins in the industry, despite not being a giant and economies of scale in the auto industry.

    Tesla’s margin minimum gross margin is around 2627 depending on who you ask.If you compare that to a Ford or a Gram you’re probably looking at 13 to 14 percent and even Toyota.Tesla is already seven percent higher in gross margin than Toyota and twice as big as Ford and GM.Which is especially impressive when you take into account that Tesla has its own entire business.Not really what any of these other companies have to offer, it’s called full self-driving fsd.

    Now that business model when it really becomes fully-available it will generate income in beta now.None of these other guys really generate what some other manufacturers call sas software as a service income.No one has anything they can charge per 1015000.Years for FSDs like Tesla and there isn’t much competition in the full self-driving and autonomous driving market as far as we know.

    Anyway it’s basically Tesla and Mobile and some other competitors.But Tesla is far ahead of the industry in this segment and this is not the end of it either.Nine percent of Ford actually grew 53 percent in the past year and Tesla only performed six percent.Which is an underperform compared to the SP 500. Now that Ford is really still in the game, their f-150 series of trucks is Ford.They are the best yet and it’s biggest market in America and until someone proves they can overtake Ford.

    Tesla stock today.

    GM is basically talking a big game, including the recent Super Bowl, in order for the trucks to maintain their lead.There aren’t a lot of EVs on the market with GM on the road and the Hummer still slowly releasing, Tesla people are loving.This is in line with Tesla’s demand to justify 3 million units. Which I think they’ll hit in the next two years.With potential fsd revenue going up to 80 percent gross profit, when it actually launches Tesla, it stands to make a lot of money in the EV industry.

    I urge you to go do your own research and read about Tesla to FSD.Read their financials Read material coming out of mainstream media Read research papers and educate yourself about Tesla.Tesla is 32 times better than the auto makers because if you have to.Tesla can launch in the next five to ten years, so it’s worth considering as a potential investment.This isn’t financial advice, I’m just giving you a taste so you can go out and research for yourself.

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