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Tesla Semi vs Hypertruck ERX? Which is the KING of 2024 Heavy trucks?

    Tesla Semi vs Hypertruck ERX? Which is the KING of 2024 Heavy trucks?

    It looks like it came from the future as a promising candidate, Tesla introduces the Tesla Semi Truck as a highway monster with 500 miles of range, however the Hyper Truck ERX is a unique truck with even more power and One thousand three hundred can travel.

    miles on a single charge then how tesla semi will be able to beat its rival hypertruck ERX in this competition is there a technology between diesel and fully electric which is applied in truck it could be Hylian’s hypertruck ERX This truck is capable of charging those batteries.

    Which powers the electric motor through an onboard generator that is powered by renewable natural gas. So how does the HyperTruck ERX price compare? Tesla Semi’s Hylian, founded in 2015, has developed electric and hybrid sources of power for tractors. Thomas Healy, founder of the developed Hylian, has set a new goal of launching a new $220,000 electric truck equipped with these impressive power packs.

    The Hypertruck ERX hopes to qualify for zero emissions credits from California and could generate up to forty thousand dollars in rebates per truck if the Inflation Reduction Act becomes law as currently written, so the final price for this truck will be With such a low cost of approximately one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, the upfront cost lowers barriers to entry for electrification for current diesel users and allow an easier transition to clean technology. Healy said that Hyalion’s new Appreciate the achievement of Electric Semi.

    Let’s compare this to the Tesla Semi the base price for the 300 mile range the Tesla Semi is one at face value one hundred fifty thousand and one hundred and eighty thousand for the 500 mile rig it looks like the hybrid truck is about 40 to 70 compared to the Tesla Semi 000 more expensive. The Tesla Semi is an advanced truck, especially when you factor in haul poundage, but can the Hypertruck payload capacity beat the Tesla Semi, the ERX offers great payload capacity, outperforming a diesel it. The truck can haul a fully loaded fleet of 80,000 pounds at 60 mph.

    No Freight Battery weight enables higher return on investment While it’s still 2,000 pounds lighter than the Tesla Semi, the automaker says the Tesla Semi will be able to carry at least as much payload as this For diesel trucks it will be class 8. The Tesla Semi is fully loaded at 82 000 pounds gross combination weight and that includes the truck and trailer, so what are the differences in the interior between the Tesla and Hylian cab and dash layout diesel models from the two new truck makers, the Hyper Truck 579 is identical .

    The familiar shifter stick on the steering column is used to shift forward or backward and a display above the sun visor to show the driver the battery status in the truck is used to control the level of regenerative braking intensity requested by the driver. is used for. The prototype tablet display was installed. Other relevant details about the charge and system The driver will have access to some functions of the charging system and battery-only operation, but what about the interior of the 0 Tesla Semi? The interior of the Tesla Semi is quite unique.

    The driver’s seat is centrally located and Tesla says this allows for better overall visibility from the windshield behind the driver’s seat, there are two additional foldable seats Tesla has fitted with dual 15-inch screens located on either side of the steering wheel The right display showing the cabin we have the traditional launcher in today’s Tesla, with access to music phone cabin temperature and more, while the left display has truck specific features like the bottom tire.

    About the power of Tesla’s electric motor Compared to the hypertruck ERX, the ERX is equipped with a natural gas 12-liter Cummins engine; The driver has a full 670 horsepower and 1550 lb-ft. In contrast to the torque the drive unit in the Tesla Semi puts out 1020 horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque, which can be said then t the Tesla Semi is more powerful than the ERX with 350 extra horsepower, but more than most trucks for an electric semi. One major drawback is the burden of recharging them.

    Particularly large battery cells can take up to 6 hours to fully recharge, this makes most electric semi truck models not a practical option especially in trucking for long distances and others have been able to solve this problem. How long will it take for Hylian’s hypertruck to charge Tesla’s rival truck ERX Hylian’s hyper truck ERX has developed a system that recharges its massive battery in just 8 minutes.

    Sure Time is Money Time means more time on the road and that means more money in paycheck so 1300 miles more mileage with only 8 minutes of charge should be a consideration for the trucker the Hypertruck ERX takes a league of that has its. The Tesla Semi currently tops out at 500 miles which is impressive but it still equates to about one-third of what the ERX can provide and what is currently available for typical EVs.

    But then how Hylian developed a unique internal recharge system that uses natural gas, a process involving an onboard generator that refuels the batteries. Natural gas goes to generators where electricity is produced and this recharge process is streamlined. is fed to the engine. Capable of reducing recharge time to just 8 minutes which is impressive considering the size of the battery pack combined with the engine and energy capsule Hylian.

    When asked by Ith Peterbilt about the decision, Healy said it was a quicker way to market what Fleets already knew and liked, while we were opposed to revolutionizing the new chassis. Trying but what truck would be safer regenerative braking in the grand scheme of things. In the hands of a skilled driver capable of managing brake intensity with controls on the steering column, this could easily be a pedal truck that doesn’t need to be touched.

    brakes other than holding the truck still at traffic lights but what kind of brakes does the tesla semi use to see as the tesla semi will have regenerative braking in their arsenal trucks put the brakes to the test as they carry so much weight But again like other Teslas the brakes will be used as a generator and the energy will be channeled back to the battery brake pads, which last forever, Musk said, adding that the removal of the internal combustion engine also means that no T is.

    Maintaining an emissions scrubber or differential ERX is an important step toward decarbonization using an energy source that is already cleaner and less expensive than diesel. The hypertruck ERX with ISX 12n Cummins natural gas power is expected to debut in late 2023. How do you feel about this matchup between Tesla Semi and ERX which vehicle do you think is better.

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