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Tesla Reportedly Suspected Elon Musk Was Using Company Resources To Build Glass House

    Tesla Reportedly Suspected Elon Musk Was Using Company Resources To Build Glass House

    Tesla board members carefully examined whether CEO Elon Musk misused company resources in a project to build a glass-walled mansion near the company’s Texas headquarters, according to The Wall Street Journal (via DailyMail).

    Named ‘Project 42’ and described as a mansion for Musk inside the company, the plan will feature a dramatic glass-walled building near Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, reports the Wall Street Journal. building is included. Was.

    After ordering special glass worth millions of dollars, Tesla board members are investigating whether company resources were misused, and whether Musk himself had a role in it, people familiar with the matter told the Journal. told.

    The building’s plans evolved over time, the people said, but at least some renderings showed a living area with bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

    The report said one rendering depicted the building as a glass cube similar to the Apple Store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, while another depicted it as a ‘twisted hexagon’ next to a body of water with the Tesla factory in the background. as shown. shown as ‘.

    Other renderings show a waterfall as part of the landscaping, and some Tesla employees have speculated that the project may include some sort of museum.

    The building in question has not been constructed, and Telsa insiders said they were unsure of the project’s status or the outcome of the board investigation.

    This mysterious project appears to date back at least a year, when Bloomberg (via DailyMail) reported that the Tesla board was investigating a large purchase of the expensive, specialized glass.

    According to Bloomberg, the internal investigation began after Glass purchase orders were sent to Tesla’s finance and internal audit groups.

    Glass was hard to obtain due to the global supply chain crisis, but the company’s ‘global manufacturing powerhouse’ status made it easy to obtain the high-demand building material.

    The board’s investigation reportedly focuses on whether Tesla executives in Musk’s inner circle used the company’s influence to obtain Glass for a project that was ultimately meant for their personal use.

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