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Tesla phone – Tesla pi phone will Destroy the Industry

    Tesla phone

    Tesla phone – Let us understand in detail, We know we start to sound like a broken record when we say that Elon Musk is an industry disruptor. His latest plan comes completely out of left-field as every sign points to the fact that we may soon have a brand new mobile phone on the market, manufactured by Elon Musk’s Tesla.

    What will the mobile phone look like and what will its name be? What would be its difference characteristics? And more importantly, when can we expect Elon Musk to make an official announcement and make it available for purchase? We will fill you all the details in just a second. He has spent the past two decades transforming the unimaginable, car and space industries on his own.

    Musk never said openly whether he wanted to enter the crowded smartphone manufacturing industry. However, rumors had been swirling from Tesla’s factories for quite some time.

    Martin Hajek’s fictional Tesla Model P smartphone has a sculptural form that resembles a Tesla automobile. A spine-like wing that runs from top to bottom of the gadget, which has a bright red finish, is an homage to Tesla’s instantly recognizable design DNA. The carbon fiber speaker grille of the device adds sportiness, while the notch for the front camera is awkward.

    Instead of a boxy form on the front grille of the Tesla Model S/X, the smartphone sports a rounded style in comparison to Tesla automobiles that have a curved display at the edges. Well, what if we told you that it’s not just about fakes and predictions.

    Tesla phone

    What if we told you that a mobile phone is actually currently working and has been since at least 2018? In 2019, even when Telson was having trouble making money, that didn’t stop it from rolling out new initiatives, such as colonizing Mars, sending a vehicle into space. According to the SlashLeaks leak, Tesla is working on a smartphone codenamed Quadra.

    The leak only reveals a shot of the back and front panels of the Tesla phone, which doesn’t reveal any additional details about the gadget. It has smaller bezels on the sides, a notch similar to the iPhone X, and no chin. The notch is smaller than the rest of the phone and could house the earpiece, front camera and other sensors. There is a camera enclosure on the top left corner of the rear panel. The center of the rear panel is almost entirely taken up by a large Tesla logo ‘T’.

    It is possible that the logo of the phone is flashing You can see a letter and number ‘4’ just below the logo. It is unknown which letter this is. However, depending on the name it is assumed to be the letter ‘Q’. It is likely that the Quadra concept later evolved into the ‘model pie’. Keep in mind that the Pie model we are going to describe was designed by a third party named ADR Studios. However, we’re betting that Elon Musk would jump at the opportunity for obvious reasons. Expect an announcement soon.

    Starlink is one of SpaceX and Elon Musk’s most important pet projects, and it is the perfect companion to the Tesla smartphone. The idea is to create a network of low-orbit satellites that would allow people to access the Internet from anywhere on the planet. With the passage of time it is also becoming increasingly valuable.

    Starlink clearly has a long way to go, with native compatibility on Tesla phones seems like a no-brainer. The design includes a direct reproduction of the four-lens setup shown in the early iPhone 12 concept images. Of course, the iPhone 12’s back camera system has three lenses in real life, and no one knows what a Tesla phone might do.

    Cameras are a common way for new flagship models to differentiate themselves, but Tesla may have other plans. Tesla’s desire to clearly differentiate itself through solar charging is a good match for them. With the right attachment or cover, solar charging is currently possible for many smartphones. The concept is that you leave it in the sun to partially recharge your battery – and that’s obviously environmentally sound.

    With its elegant solar panel shingles, the firm has already built a reputation for itself. But converting a smartphone’s back to a solar panel has one major drawback: You can’t use the cover. Otherwise, we would have seen more smartphone makers doing this by now.

    Biometrics is an obvious choice for Tesla phones. The business can anticipate some of its own smart camera technology to create a Face ID system for self-driving Tesla automobiles.On the other hand, there is a possibility of fingerprint unlocking. The ultrasonic sensor is located on the touchscreen in the ADR concept.We’ll end with another no-brainer: Tesla phones will undoubtedly have native compatibility for Tesla automobiles.

    From battery temperature to lights, lock and unlock features, remote control and monitoring of all automotive features are all possibilities.Not only will this be a simple decision, but it will also be the main marketing focus for the phone. In the future it may be possible to connect it to Neuralink itself, although it is more of a pipe dream.

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