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Tesla House – Tesla’s new $15,000 House

Tesla House - Tesla's new $15,000 House

Tesla House

Tesla House, Let us know in detail, this is the latest project which has been started and executed by Musk.It makes me wonder if there is anything left in this world that this man hasn’t already done.We know that He is already a master of land and space, the truth sometimes feels like He is there to revolutionize every aspect of our lives.

A house like this is another step towards that goal. Keeping up with all of Elon Musk recent announcements, you’ve already heard the big scoop.We are here to share that news with you. It recently unveiled the stunning new ID Easy for Tesla’s first tiny house.It will be packed with state-of-the-art technology and high-tech futuristic gadgets, and it looks quite awesome.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has a house that costs much less than a Tesla vehicle, although it was Tesla’s new compact sustainable tiny house.This prompted him to make an official announcement, in a statement released on June 14, announcing that he was going to sell his house.

Tesla house

The fact that he said in a previous post that his primary residence was in Boca Chica.The designers at Musk’s Tesla residents are a genius.In November 2021, Boxable posted a video on YouTube announcing that their company had recently completed construction of a casita house in Boca Chica.

The top-secret customer appears to be a SpaceX customer, but according to Boxable co-founder Galliano, Elon Musk is the customer.There are many reasons why the housing in the factory is not working yet, so we have solved all.

Similar challenges are faced, he said, be it a studio apartment of one or two people, it is being considered.It will be targeted towards ancillary housing units which are rapidly being built.That’s exactly what made Galliano, founder of Spark Boxable, decided to launch the brand in 2017.

The aim of which is to turn building construction around the world into a factory assembly line like no other product.Despite the fact that some procedures require lifting.Simple and can be accomplished by humans once the outer wall is exposed.

The floor and two side walls are visible after the ceiling is exposed, it comprises the entire structure.People prefer casita homes the most because of the low cost and labor involved in building a factory house.

Till now there are about fifty thousand people in the company’s list, who have added to the company’s house.Elon Musk fans want to live at all costs, as it does at all costs.

In fact it was reported that Musk had already made a waiting list of 40,000 people before joining the group.Average time it takes to make.The house is about seven months old, so far Boxable has built three houses there.The house is about seven months old, so far three houses have been built there.

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44 thoughts on “Tesla House – Tesla’s new $15,000 House”

  1. Elon Musk has it together. “Fan-damn-tastic” drive, work ethic, and creativity. When told it can’t be done he answers “Why not!”
    I hereby volunteer for suspended animation to see how an old musical phart can contribute in the future. Cheers and cold beers!

    1. I live in BC Canada on some land in the mountains. I’m interested in putting some of these on my land to provide people with affordable housing. I’d appreciate any info on these that you can provide.
      Scott Boles

    2. I am impressed with the tiny home and it’s most efficient and practical features and would to have one on my property in Jackson LA.
      It would be a nice promotion for manufacturer.
      Let me know if there’s anything I have to do to expedite the process.

  2. Love the 15K New Tesla house!
    Like to be in your reservation list 😍
    Can post more pictures and info of this Tesla house?

  3. Salut Mr. Elon Musk ! Je suis Frantz Louis, « un Viège positif, Élément de la Terre, Produit des Cieux et Héritier du Grand Dieu Tout -Puissant ». Je veux être votre partenaire des affaires pour la vie, alors donnez moi la clé de votre amitié avec amour, éducation, succès. Merci !

  4. Elon Musk has shown what it really means to be born in the image and likeness of the “Creator” by being a creator of his own destiny and to continually outdo himself on behalf of humanity.

    To make a $10 – $15,000 Home when you can’t buy a car for that amount, and when other entrepreneurs could care less about the human condition, living only for profits; it seems only Musk has grasped oneness with the Universe.

    We’re old and feel “Ageism” rising quickly especially if negatively impacted by a low income, in other words, not rich. We pay $10,800 in rent with an income under $25,000 a yr. Our vehicle is 14 yrs old and we’ll never afford a new car… but we could, conceivably, buy a New Tesla Home. That’s crazy!

    So, I challenge you Elon Musk, to please develop a program for the aging so they could get into one of your lovely designs and enjoy good living now, quickly, with the little time so many of us have left. I Salute you Elon… you deserve all your good fortune. Thank you for being cognizant!

    P.S. How about a “walk-in” Tub?

  5. Elon…
    I think you are one of the very, very few filthy rich, who actually “get” that what it’s really all about in life, is how we treat people who can do absolutely nothing for us!

  6. Absolutely brilliant, this will help many people who can’t afford even to rent, and certainly can’t buy a home with these outrageous prices.
    As I evolve into my life change,
    Definitely, less is more!
    More time for myself and enjoying the finer things, health, family , in general, everything!
    Super job Elon, we are on this earth for others, purpose. God gave you these abilities and you’ve used them quit well. 🙏❤️

  7. im very interested in the 15K tiny house of elons . is this the only model available and where do we get this information.

    1. I want one of these or even the $50,000 home I have also seen. Housing in Melbourne, Australia is in crisis we need more homes desperately so many homeless that they were putting in hotels during covid lockdowns now are on the streets.

  8. So impressed with the possibilities of affording my own home again So impressed with all of Elon Musks accomplishments as well as all he has freely give to the Ukrainian people asking for nothing in return. God bless you sir, I think you are amazing 😻

  9. Being handicapped and old I would love to see a house that is handicapped reddy. My husband and I are 73 and he has not been able to retire because of medical needs and bad business investment. We could buy a house like yours and have money from the sale of our house to live on. Then Tim could work on things he has been waiting his whole life to do like woodworking. Thank you for caring.

  10. Please send me all models side 1-2-3 bed rooms total cost prices
    installed in Riverside California Area.,


  11. Awesome idea it’s basically a modular house everything done electrical plumbing.etc.. I turned 60 in October and have spent a lot of money on large houses maintaining them is a part time job it takes alot of time to maintain a house and it’s time to downsize not yet but maybe 5 years it’s brilliant Americans have always made that white picket fend a pool and huge house the end goal I think we’re moving away from that now

  12. Are there plans that can be submitted for a residential permit? I have twenty acres in Eastern Oregon that a few of these could fit on.

  13. I have a home in a residential area close to Denver, Colorado. I would LOVE to put a few modular Tesla homes in my back yard for use as a guest home and for use as a recreational escape. Would like to see a high end Tesla home with a GIANT hot tub.

  14. Karen Gallagher-Phillips

    Have several children that are disabled vets. This would work for them. Any plans for a 2 bedroom?
    I am very interested. Thank you!

  15. I want 2 please Bro i could make a differnce in two peoples lives with these both who are homes else and that i love very much in California.

    Let me know when available thanks great work Elon.

  16. Right here is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic.
    You know so much its almost tough to argue with you (not
    that I really will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject
    that’s been written about for many years. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

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