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Tesla Cyber Rodeo – Elon Musk Reveals Giga Texas & More At Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo

    Tesla Cyber Rodeo

    Elon Musk’s Cyber ​​Rodeo at the brand new GigaTexas factory was a massive celebration of Tesla’s past, present and future.

    Elon used this opportunity in front of thousands of eager Tesla fans to acknowledge the hard work his team has put in to get the company to where it is. And then he laid out his vision of where Tesla would go in the future.

    Elon made it very clear that we are still in the early days of a company that will change the whole world as we know it so when we saw Elon roll on stage Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in an original black Tesla Roadster With the blasting on the speakers and then he looked like some kind of bizarre multiverse version of Johnny Cash wearing a black cowboy hat and goggles.

    We knew this was going to be an interesting thing so of course the star factory of the whole show was Gigatex, it was the start of the night what Elon called the most advanced car factory Prithvi has ever seen certainly bold statement Is.

    But just look at this it has the streamlined minimalism of an apple shop, that feels like exotic robot manufacturing technology and sheds light on the obscure facts in addition to enough floor space to fit 194 billion hamsters inside.

    Elon reiterates the long-standing mission statement of the Gigafactory. This is what makes the machine a factory product. Because prototyping requires imagination and creativity, they are a relatively easy part of the process compared to production manufacturing. part, the hard part is we can think of gigatex like a computer, elon said.

    The chip is specifically the kind that powers your smartphone, a system on a chip, an integrated circuit with everything in one package. He broke the process down into its simplest form that the raw material goes aside. Happens car comes the other way no one ever claimed Elon was a great speaker.

    Now Giga Texas Tesla is realizing the things they said they would do back in the fall of 2020. Casting the front and rear with a structural battery pack where the cells carry the vehicle’s weight resulted in a car that was lighter with a smaller number of parts. It has low construction cost and high accident safety.

    Performance Elon says that over time Gigatex will be the largest battery cell manufacturing factory in the world and Tesla’s 4680 is the world’s most advanced cell, Gigatex also has the largest casting machine ever built, which Elon says has built six Contacted the biggest companies.

    In the business of manufacturing casting machines and proposing his idea of ​​making three-piece vehicle frames, he says five said no and one said it was probably an Idra group and worked closely with Tesla to make the casting work much easier. Worked efficiently to simplify.

    The car is a true revolution in vehicle manufacturing, of course when we talk about the vehicle we are specifically talking about the Tesla model. Work number one for GigaTexas is bringing the Model Y to insane new heights of volume production.

    Elon says Tesla aims to get Model Y production to half a million units per year at Giga Texas, making it the highest-capacity vehicle production line. He believes Giga Texas will become the largest-volume car factory in America, all over the world and beyond.

    Although Elon himself declined to give us any direct details about the new Model Y at Gigatex, we can piece together some information for ourselves so that we can confirm that a new version of the model will be available at Gigatex. What is being built is a standard range dual motor all-wheel drive with 4680 cells.

    We know this because the Tesla Raj and Holmer list from Twitter just popped up in one of the cars. Like the factory floor they own the thing and started peeking around at the display screen so the car is named model y standard dual motor, it has an austin vin number indicating it was made.

    T in that factory and they found it with a range of 53 miles, or 19 battery charges, that would work out to a total range of about 265 miles on a full charge, we don’t know if all the model y’s so far are from giga texas or Not this spec but we know that in at least some of them we get some interesting look at how new structural battery pack designs are manufactured in the factory.

    So the interior of the pack has four main rows of cells running from front to back,

    And there are large cooling channels in between the rows. This particular cross section in each row has six cells that were on display. We can also see a ready-made version of the pack which is ready to go in the car. All with a carpet seat and center console.

    There was even a video that shows how the final assembly of the body works, it’s basically like two halves coming together at a top and bottom, internally the structural pack that houses the drivetrain The suspension and brakes are all attached and top.

    The upper frame with two Giga casting and all painted body panels are attached and with the pack the lower half is simply raised to meet the body and it’s also been revealed by Bolt in Elon Musk about his vision for Tesla’s future .

    Don’t give any super crazy details, but they did give us a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect over the next few years, a big sign being the sheer amount of free space that still remains aside in the Giga Texas Model y production line. Much of the factory is just an endless void waiting to be filled with new machines that build new machines.

    Cybertruck is a big one that came often. Elon is still pretty much dead set that Cybertruck production will happen next year. Giga Texas Elon won’t give any details on the vehicle, but did say it will be Tesla’s magnum opus Cybertruck that blew our minds.

    We got some really detailed close-up views of the latest Cyber ​​Truck prototypes that were on display but we can pretty easily see that it’s not anywhere close to a finished product.

    It’s still pretty rough around the edges and they made weird jokes about re-thrown a steel ball at the window, but I decided not to finally reinforce the idea that it’s definitely is not a finished product.

    The beta version of full self-driving will be available to all paying customers in North America by the end of this year, even if you can’t manage to nail the safety score. Just wait. The beta will come eventually, says Elon.

    If you were driving the car yourself and it would be software that changes the world the kind of innovation that comes with little in that regard Elon even dropped a teaser that Tesla’s next new product would be a dedicated robo-taxi vehicle. He didn’t say what or when it would happen.

    But Elon promised it would look quite futuristic and then there’s the Tesla bot. Elon is still optimistic that a version of a humanoid robot will be produced first and by next year, Elon truly believes that this robot will help the world better than Tesla vehicles. 

    It could lead to and rewrite the definition of economy. New Age of Abundance isn’t melodramatic or anything, but it sounds pretty dope and it’s all going to be possible given Tesla has grown its operations substantially over the course of the year.

    r and giga texas are playing a major role in that achievement, Elon says that Tesla is growing at the fastest pace of any major manufacturing company in the history of the world, but they still make up for all the cars sold around the world. Only accounts for about one percent, says Elon.

    The goal will be to reach about 20 percent of the global vehicle market in the long term, so there’s still a long way to go, so scale matters to make a big difference. Tesla has to make a lot of cars, there’s no other way around than sustainable energy. Accomplish your goal of speeding up the transition.

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