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Tesla Boss Elon Musk Talks of ‘Too Much Work’ After Twitter Takeover

    Tesla Boss Elon Musk Talks of ‘Too Much Work’ After Twitter Takeover

    Elon Musk said he has a lot to do as the billionaire adds to his works with Twitter Inc’s $44 billion acquisition of the social-media platform.

    My workload has increased significantly lately, Mr Musk said in a virtual appearance on Monday on the sidelines of a summit of leaders of the Group of 20 advanced and developing economies at the B20 business summit in Indonesia.

    Mr. Musk’s electric car maker Tesla Inc. also raised TSLA by 2.75%; The green triangle pointing to the rocket company SpaceX has prompted some Tesla fans to express concern in recent months that Mr. Musk’s Twitter might be a distraction.

    Asked at the event how he navigates Tesla’s rapidly expanding global operations, Mr. Musk replied, “I must say, it’s very difficult.” I can work during the day.

    Mr Musk, who appeared via vidolink wearing a traditional batik shirt from Sulawesi, one of the larger islands of the Indonesian archipelago, also said Twitter needed to publish more videos, including longer ones.

    Creators should be paid for their work. Two ideas for the platform he previously mentioned as part of his Twitter acquisition. Mr Musk closed the deal for Twitter late last month, after he announced that the company would lay off about 50% of its workforce.

    His efforts to promote subscription services have faced setbacks. Some senior executives have left the company and some advertisers have suspended trading on the platform after Mr Musk called the specter of bankruptcy late last week.

    On Monday, Mr Musk reiterated without providing further details that Tesla is looking at making a cheaper car. We think that making more affordable vehicles will be of great benefit. He said he suggested Tesla for the first time in two years. May have adopted this type of product prematurely.

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