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Stephen Colbert Taunts Elon Musk Over ‘Circle Of Jerk’ Attempt To Save Himself

    Stephen Colbert Taunts Elon Musk Over 'Circle Of Jerk' Attempt To Save Himself

    Stephen Colbert said that Elon Musk is getting desperate after spending $44 billion to buy Twitter only to lay off half his staff and then warned that the social media company could go bankrupt under his watch.

    The Late Show host said advertisers are fleeing the platform because of its new verification policy, which lets anyone buy a blue check for $8, and that pranksters are taking advantage, impersonating companies. are and are doing mischief.

    Colbert said a company brave enough to call it quits because SpaceX bought a huge ad campaign on Twitter. SpaceX is also run by Musk.

    Elon’s SpaceX is about to save Elon’s Twitter and Elon’s solar panel company Elon’s Tesla is about to save Colbert from cracking down on a Lion King-style song again. It’s a cycle of shock Colbert mocks Musk for a post blown up that said Twitter feels increasingly alive.

    It feels more alive than ever. Colbert agreed sarcastically, just like you chopped off the head of a chicken. Then he imitated the beheading of a chicken. Excellent said Colbert. “He’s really walking around. Oh he’s dancing.

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