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Starlink Mission, Starship Update, SpaceX launches Starship SN22

    Starlink Mission

    Starlink Mission, Elon Musk has paid a lot of attention to the s20 starship prototype.SpaceX is working on the next prototype s22 or sn2 and now the prototype is moving towards its own launch.SpaceX and Elon Musk launched another starship, this is the Starlink mission, whose job is to provide a great network.

    How SpaceX is finally launching SN22 into orbit, when one of the key milestones the spacecraft has achieved is orbital flight.Spacecraft’s spaceworthiness SpaceX has built several Starship prototypes currently in its progress in rocket development.Some of them ended up in flames when they took off or tried to land.

    However the latest iteration of the prototype sn22 is what SpaceX is trying to achieve with its frantic development.b The raft of the Raptor rocket engines, which SpaceX is making in-house, is the second version of the rocket engine.

    With several improvements over the initial version, the launch is targeting the multiple uses of Starship to reduce costs.Starship has two stages to achieve this. and lower upper stage also called ship.After the ship reaches orbit and returns to land using the same methods.

    Elon Musk CEO wants super heavy to be ready for next flight within an hour.With at least three launches per day, SpaceX has meanwhile de-stacked one of its most popular.

    The Starship prototype incident took place less than four days after the giant rocket was used as a backdrop for CEO Elon Musk.In years, SpaceX lifted the S20 from the super heavy B4 and landed the upper stage for the first time ever that SpaceX has stacked a booster.

    4 and Starship 20 were in for a fit test early last August.In what was briefly the largest rocket ever built, the stages were de-stacked about an hour later.One ship returned to the Starbase factory for the finishing touches six months after completing a cryo-proof three.

    Booster cryo-proof and three ship static fire tests Later SpaceX once again gave Ship 20 and Booster 4 a giant look.And this time using SpaceX to make a rocket 119 meters long or 390 feet tall.The chopstick weapon lifted 100 tons or 220 thousand pounds SN 20 to a distance of about 100 meters above the ground.

    Mounted it on the Super Heavy B4 and then carefully lowered the steps until the Super Heavy was able to latch.Four days after the stalking fell on Valentine’s Day, when many lovers calmed themselves down.

    As SpaceX employees were busy de-stacking the Starship, they separated the tower arms from 20 Super Heavys.The Starship was lowered back to the ground, where it was eventually installed.Early the next day SpaceX moved the ship to a small concrete pad near the launch tower.

    Which was probably for cryogenic proof testing which is not clear why SpaceX didn’t test the fully stacked SN20 and Booster B4.Both the ship and the booster have already completed several cryogenic proof tests or wet dress rehearsals with the actual propellant in the past few months.

    It’s also unclear what SpaceX wants to achieve by testing the sn20 on the ground rather than stacked with the b4 booster Musk.Seeing the chopstick weapons in action, SpaceX began stacking the S22 prototype inside the central bay of Starbase in mid-October last year.Which was the first starship assembly work seen in more at the time.

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