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NEW Tesla Model 3 for 2024 LEAKED!

    NEW Tesla Model 3 for 2024 LEAKED!

    I truly believe, that when you get the car you are going to love it, it is going to be amazing and true to their words, everyone is going to love it, Tesla Model 3 is the iPhone of the auto world, Is it a really cool vehicle that you can own and is replete with hi-tech features.

    User-friendliness, affordability and sensational performance are one of the reasons why it is Tesla’s best-selling car, second only to the Model Y. Although the Tesla Model 3 remains, a significant portion of the EV market awaits new rivals to compete. But Tesla’s secret refresh of the Model 3 for 2024 has leaked and what we’ve uncovered will make it nearly impossible to ignore the mid-size electric family car we’ve come to expect.

    To make the cars more affordable than the Model 3 or Model Y, then that’s a big factor in that and Tesla is already actively taking steps to make the cars more affordable, but the first Tesla Model 3 is so impressive If you have your hands on a Tesla or are looking to add one to your garage, it’s hard not to notice how expensive Teslas can be, but the Model 3 is slowly meeting the demand for affordable cars. Is. The answer is building up as the first model was launched in 2019.

    In 2017 it became the company’s bread and butter due to its excellent range of over 300 miles, which can be thanks to Tesla’s network of Superchargers, so it’s the perfect car for those days when you’ve got people watching. need to be surrounded by. Had to do long road trips. The Model 3 is an attractive option to buy your first EV as it offers a comfortable ride with spacious interiors and a unique mix of sharp handling and sharp acceleration but the Model 3 is no longer the only player.

    As the Ford Mustang marquee BMW UI4 R2 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are actively competing for Tesla to retain its mid-size EV appeal, they will have to keep upgrading and this leads us to Project Highland. What is Project Island and what is the hype about it? The first thing you should know is that this isn’t actually a new product, as in the highly anticipated 25000 EV coming later in the pipeline or the Cyber Truck, but it is an evolution of the Model 3.

    Like Apple always comes out with an upgraded version of the iPhone almost every year, but the now five-year-old Model 3 has been fast-forwarded and directly eclipsed by the Model Y SUV and Project Highland aims to turn the vehicle into a intends to Essential upgrades, Project Island aims to build the Model 3 in a way that lowers production costs thereby lowering the price of the vehicle, with many of the components you can currently find in the Model 3.

    The exteriors will also undergo some changes and there have been reports that the update will revolve around front and rear sensor packages as well as a refreshed front and rear appearance. Front and rear sensors will come with the full self-driving hardware version 4.0 which was leaked recently.

    And the cameras on the vehicle can be upgraded from 1.2 megapixels to 5 megapixels so that the full self-driving feature can work more effectively. Do you remember what Musk said when Tesla removed ultrasonic sensors, one relies on lidar, which are expensive sensors, which are unnecessary. It’s like having a whole bunch of expensive appendages because one appendage wears out, or another becomes completely futuristic.

    Tesla cars will rely entirely on cameras and with the new FSD 4.0, Tesla is trying to live up to its word, the new hardware will have around 12 camera inputs and 20 processing cores compared to FSD 4.0. computer will come for this is a revolution the increase in processing core will drive the new hardware with the version 3.0 hardware as well as make the car more efficient in short they expect to see all three of them like you’ve never seen before but the project Whatever the information about the island has been received.

    Even though no one has seen it yet and Tesla hasn’t revealed much about what the car is going to look like, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about what Tesla is going to do at this point. Is. ok at this point i may have a clear understanding of the way out of hell and i haven’t had a clear understanding lately but this car is unlike anything tesla has ever done elon musk about it for months Talking nothing much has been said.

    A picture of the now ultra secret Tesla project was leaked and posted on the Tesla Motors Reddit page last month and as you can imagine it got everyone excited about the possibilities once again from the host, the vehicle Was mostly open and by all indications it looks like a Model 3 if you leave out the weird front end from the picture it looks like we usually see a lot of lines on a Model 3 the car looks more Model S It has been smoothened up by getting stylish headlights and a slimmer bumper.

    You can never get too excited when it comes to photos like this because there’s no easy way to tell if it’s real or not, but Teslascope, a site that aggregates information for Tesla users, has Having recently confirmed that the photo everyone was talking about was most likely a photo, Teslascope shared this information via their Twitter account, explaining why they believe the photo is The real deal is, according to him the photo was most likely genuine because the company had a conversation with one of Tesla’s employees in February.

    Teslascope had another conversation with a company insider during its March 1 investor day and posted excerpts from a February conversation where the employee explained that the car’s headlights would be changing in reference to the recently released Chevrolet Corvette Sports.

    While this conversation lends some credence to the photo posted on Reddit, it’s a chat from March 1 that actually sealed the deal on April 14, according to Teslascope’s discussion with a company insider at Investor Day . Posted, the chat originally confirmed the changes to the photo, stating that Tesla smoothed out the bumper and fitted the Model 3 with more Model S style headlights.

    But the insider also mentioned something we didn’t expect Tesla to do other than exterior changes. The insider also pointed out that Tesla was moving away from manufacturing the seats in-house. Tesla is determined to do most of their manufacturing in-house and this has been a point of pride for them, in fact at the last Investor Day event. Musk announced during the event that a specialized ancillary manufacturing team was working to build the peripherals.

    When you have a company that has been known for one thing for years suddenly doing something completely different, it can make you and it leave us with more questions that Tesla will never answer. May give, but it could be that they are focusing their production efforts elsewhere for now, especially since a Cybertruck was unveiled earlier this year. It is expected to go into production, but when will the Highland go into production and hit the roads?

    When you have 10 000 unique items in a vehicle or any one of them can slow down the production process the production rate will go faster as the slowest and least fortunate component in the whole mix, on top of that we have the Gigafactory Production is a difficult process. When you consider all the moving parts that have to fit together in a vehicle, it’s hard to say how fast production will move or when Tesla will start the project.

    Work has been going on for over a year and while the project has always been behind deadlines for its vehicles after a few camouflaged Model 3s were spotted on California roads, Tesla’s information doesn’t exactly contradict that. pushes, it’s rumored that the Model 3 refresh will begin test production at Giga Shanghai in late June to further fend off public workers who won’t be allowed to bring their phones into the workshop while the vehicle is in production There is an understandable solution.

    If the rumors are true, the production may wrap up between July and September. There’s no telling when the Vermont factory will be involved in the production process to speed it up and eventually move the vehicle away from its current design, though Tesla has come forward to deny these rumors, often meeting with Tesla at CI. More is a big company and has its fair share of insiders who keep spilling information from time to time, which the company is not ready to share right now, so this is not the first time.

    Only then would Tesla deny some developments, as they would later prove to be true. After all you wouldn’t want your competitors to know what you’re doing until you’re ready to bring it to the public, so production of the Highland Model 3 project could start soon but until Tesla’s formal announcement We’ll just have to take it.

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