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Musk Hilariously Reveals How He Runs Twitter With Just 20% of Its Original Staff

    Musk Hilariously Reveals How He Runs Twitter With Just 20% of Its Original Staff

    After Elon Musk hilariously revealed how he runs Twitter with just 20% of its original employees, it seems that abandoning the vigilante agenda of censoring free speech could free up a lot of time and money for the company.

    Twitter CEO Elon Musk says that has enabled the social media site to move forward even after a large portion of its employee base quit, adding that they are no longer able to crack down on those opinions. There will be those they don’t like.

    “I think we’re about 20 percent of the original size,” Musk told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson during an exclusive interview Monday night, when asked how many of his original Twitter employees have left or been let go.

    “So that’s 80 percent left,” Carlson explained. “Yeah. Lots of them volunteered,” Musk confirmed. “So 80 percent are gone… so how do you run a company with only 20 percent of the employees?” Carlson asked. Turns out, you don’t need that many people to run Twitter.” “But 80 percent? It’s a lot,” Tucker pressed.

    Musk said, “Yeah, but if you’re not trying to run some kind of glorified activist organization and you don’t care so much about censorship, you can actually let a lot of people go.” replied smiling.

    You mean to say it doesn’t require a huge office full of hundreds of elite people from Silicon Valley to run a website that allows people to make short posts? Astonishing.

    Perhaps other companies could learn a thing or two from Musk’s business model: run the company, let consumers make their own choices, and stop trying to push an agenda. It can really save you some cash—and, in cases like Anheuser-Busch’s, won’t destroy your entire customer base.

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