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Maye Musk says Elon Musk works not for himself but for others

    The pandemic has changed how we relate to each other, including how we raise our children, I share with you what Mae Musk said, as I quote, I told her to follow these three rules.

    Furthermore, I am going to share with you a pre-greed essay on raising children by the mother of the world’s richest man, Maye Musk, which provides some great insights, we all know, in relationships affected by the pandemic, The parent- one father relationship.

    It is the job of parents to guide their children. In a challenging time when their mental and physical limits are being tested, they still do not want children to depend on them to such an extent that they cannot take responsibility for themselves on CNBC.

    This Elon Musk show in front of Kimball Musk’s mother Mae Musk and Tosca Musk, who are all successful in their fields, discuss parenting, making it an instructable to watch at this challenging time, so they wrote and I quote People often ask me how I raise such successful kids. I tell them by teaching them about my hard work and following their interests.

    So here are three golden rules you should keep in mind so that you can become a world-class billionaire the day before, advises Mae Musk to kids who don’t have enough money to support their families after becoming single mothers at age 31. There are resources for option but to work for him.

    Plus he worked for his father from the age of eight, so he got used to it somehow. After he started working for his father at the age of 8, he said, “Don’t feel guilty for working full time because he had no other option but to take care of his kids.”

    Also his house was next to his chiropractor. While her mother also helped her, plus she and her twin sister Kay were paid 5 cents an hour to mail her monthly bulletin, the story tells that her parents grew up with Musk.

    He did it with his kids too. She said that her parents treated them as adults who could be trusted and this had a huge impact on their parenting style, so they took their children into their nutrition business. Started getting involved in it when I was young.

    For example, prepared letters to doctors. She was very grateful to Elon for explaining the workings of the word processor to Elon after using the word processor in his office, and Kimball was also of great help, so Tosca made history at the age of eight.

    Tosca at Modeling and Image School When she lived in Bloemfontein, South Africa, imagine an eight-year-old choreographing runway shows and etiquette classes teaching students to walk as she created her own costume for all of her shows.

    Rule number two, grow up and be impeccable while studying. Kasturi Said Motivated and resilient children, Kasturi said that if your children are not used to luxuries they will live well and you should not spoil them because they will live well then allow your children to take care of themselves Give.

    Raise your children to be courteous, considerate, honest and independent when you are sure they are in a safe environment because their parents did not scold them or treat them like children, moreover, did not tell them that What subjects should he not check his homework for, because for me it was his third law.

    She had to be taught hard work and let her pursue her interests, becoming a single mother of three children at the age of 31 and working full time as she had no choice but to do so. Worked hard to make sure their bodies were stuffed on their roofs and that their clothes were clean.

    The book titled A Woman Makes a Plan in which she discusses how plants are often sidelined and you must come up with a new one, so what does it have to do with your plan in Mei’s opinion? Is.

    You need to stick to this plan because it is going to be great so there are times when all kinds of obstacles are thrown in your way and then you are sad and then you have to say that you have to come along.

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