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Johnny Depp laughs as court hears he’s obsessed with Elon Musk

    Johnny Depp laughs as court hears he’s obsessed with Elon Musk,Johnny Depp smiles in a Virginia courtroom when a lawyer for Amber suggested that the Hollywood star be sued by Tesla CEO Elon Musk Depp in a multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit in Virginia against his ex-wife.

    In which a 2018 article on domestic violence he wrote for the Washington Post claimed he was an abuser, the actor appeared to suppress a laugh during opening statements in the case when Miss Here’s attorney, Ellen Breed hoff told a civil jury of 11 people that Johnny Depp is obsessed with Elon Musk.

    The billionaire tech entrepreneur has been the actor’s lawyer listed by MS as a potential witness along with Spider-Man actors James Franco, Paul Bettany and Ellen Barkin during the 2020 libel case between Ms Buck and Mr. Depp, claiming that Ms. Hurt’s Mr. Musk had an affair.

    His name appeared in the opening statement as Ms Breedhoft explained her client’s charitable donation to her divorce settlement at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and AC which Mr. Depp’s lawyers have accused her of failing .

    Also she was dating Elon Musk, by then you will find that Mr. Depp is obsessed with Elon Musk, he told the court that Mr. Depp was sitting right behind her. Was dating her so she gave 500,000 to both of those charities in Harana Actor Johnny Depp walked into the courtroom at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax Virginia.

    Now she doesn’t claim it’s a $7 million share but what happens is that she makes her payment through 2018 to Mr. Deputy. Her March 1 2019 and she just can’t afford to keep the pledges she’s made.

    But she has every intention of continuing to pay so much that she will give it to him at once. Able to Afford It Again Mr. Depp Alleged Sexual Harassment During Trial Miss Heard’s Lawyer Ellen Brethoud Claims Mr. Depp Sexually Harassed Ms. Depp Using a Bottle of Alcohol During a Blackout Drunk Episode Was.

    Mr Depp was visible y suspicious as Miss Breedhoff made claims and did not shake her head after her comments, actress Amber heard inside the courtroom at Fairfax County Circuit Court on 12 April 2022, the first time Ms Heard Claims have been made at the Public Depot.

    Lawyers also claimed that Heard had fabricated domestic violence claims against her to advance her career, suing her for $50 million, alleging that when he filed a complaint against her in the Washington Post Allegedly, he spoiled his career.

    Even though he was not named, Suna’s lawyers told the jury that his allegations against the actor were true and that his claims were protected by the First Amendment.

    with his attorney Ben Rottenborn telling the court that Depp had been involved in his trial for years. Together they were trying to harm the life of the herd.

    What Mr Depp wanted to do is outrageous. Amber harassed him for ruining his career Mr Rottenborn asks Depp to take revenge on an obsessive ex-husband, the first witness in the trial was Depp’s older sister Christy Dambrowski who told the jury about her family life.

    I told that they were growing up in Kentucky and Florida Johnny and I was very close to an older brother and sister.

    we were two little ones we used to play together all the time we played batman and robin he would be embarrassed to say that but we practiced karate kicks together we were best friends he told the court he was a shy cute little boy .

    He had a very caring personality, but he was also a little clown who liked to play tricks. Try to scare us. Christy Dembrowski, sister of Johnny Depp, told his parents. as described.

    complex our parents were two completely different personalities our father was a kind patient and gentle man our mother was the opposite too much nervous and nervous worry and angry mother screams and yells at her father never reacted Gave.

    when mom will hit him or yell at him basically he’ll let him scream and take it out or hit and the way he treated my mom he always tried to keep the peace he was never in anything didn’t want to get involved.

    He would back off and try and take away anything she was angry about. She said that she and her brother would run away and hide to get away from it and she said that there was a similarity that she had with her husband and her. How did you deal with the children?

    He gave us names, we each had our own set of special names mine was purple who is my father’s mother and my mother hated my father’s mother he had something for johnny his favorite was an eye And he called her.

    When he was young, doctors thought he had one lazy eye and would put a patch on his good eye to strengthen the other. Don’t react in any negative way they were a way of life we ​​got used to.

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