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Jack Dorsey says ‘running Twitter is hard’ but tells Elon Musk it’s ‘critical to preserve the open internet’ after data scraping crackdown

    Jack Dorsey says 'running Twitter is hard' but tells Elon Musk it's 'critical to preserve the open internet' after data scraping crackdown

    Jack Dorsey said “Twitter is hard to run” as users hit out at Elon Musk for imposing “rate limits”. After Musk limited the number of tweets users could see, Dorsey said, “I don’t want anybody to be pressured by that”.

    Elon Musk said the limits were “temporary” and went back to the numbers several times on Saturday. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, at least Jack Dorsey thinks so.

    Twitter’s co-founder said on Saturday that “running Twitter is hard” after Elon Musk sparked a backlash by announcing a “rate limit” on viewing tweets. After the sudden changes were announced, many users criticized his decision.

    Dorsey tweeted, “I don’t want anyone to be stressed.” “I believe the team is doing its best despite huge odds. It’s easy to remotely criticize decisions I’m guilty of, but I know the goal is to see Twitter thrive. This will happen.”

    Musk said Saturday that Twitter is imposing a temporary tweet-viewing rate limit, which will restrict how many posts users can see. He attributed the decision to “excessive levels” of data scraping from AI companies.

    The Twitter CEO informed users of the changes hours after there were more than 13,000 reports of the platform being shut down in the US and UK, according to DownDetector.

    Several users received a notification that read: “Sorry, your rate is limited. Please wait a few moments and try again.”

    This comes after Musk said on Friday that users would have to sign in to view tweets and that it would not show tweet previews when links are shared on other platforms.

    Dorsey also said after announcing the new restrictions that he hoped Twitter would build on “censorship-resistant open protocols” like bitcoin, which he said are “good for everyone, and to preserve the open internet.” ” Is. is important.”

    The former CEO stepped down in November 2021 after leading the company since 2006 and named Parag Agarwal, who was fired when Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion, as his successor.

    Elon Musk on Saturday rolled back the number of tweets accounts can see multiple times in a day. First they said that verified accounts can read 6,000 posts per day, while unverified and newly created unverified accounts will only be able to see 600 and 300 posts per day.

    A few hours later they said they had increased the rate limit to “8000 for verified, 800 for unverified and 400 for new unverified”, then changed the rules to say “now up to 10k, 1k and 0.5k.”

    Twitter did not respond to a request for comment from Insider, since it changed its policy for interactions with the media earlier this year.

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