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IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk’s $700 Million SuperYacht FINALLY Hitting The Market

    IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk's $700 Million SuperYacht FINALLY Hitting The Market

    In 2016 Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the Model S could temporarily float like a boat, it was a bold claim and some people were genuinely impressed, but others thoroughly doubted it until Didn’t it happen soon enough, we may no longer have to settle for a sailing Model S.

    A $700 million hydropowered and solar charger Tesla yacht that is as deep as you would expect of any Tesla product Before we depart, there are two things you should know first. Tesla Yachts works an affiliation of Marine Engineering.

    Marvel was a seaborn baby like art and science and frankly I am not surprised that Tesla company has shown that they not only bring their vision to the looks but they are also the name when it comes to the style we its Will talk more about that in a second but we need to get the other point across. You should know that at least for the moment there is no Tesla yacht and I promise you this is not some clicky rabbit hole.

    One scandal is the fact that the design of the yacht exists at a time when it is still undergoing its conceptual phase in the hands of Dhruv Paas, a designer who has worked on the Tesla design team in the past, so keep that in mind. We are Gota Candidates in Details. Let The Fairest Beast Good Good Begin Now Tesla has drawn its fair share of curiosities in its relatively short history ever since it came onto the scene in the early 2000s and since Musk took control of the company.

    Since then we’ve seen everything from electric cars to futuristic crash trucks to the creation of an entire energy-focused subdivision that threatens to redefine how we consume electricity, so if you all Bear in mind, it’s not all that far-fetched that an electric car company would try its hand at an electric yacht.

    The Tesla yacht is bizarre and amazingly bizarre because designer Drew Prasad took great inspiration from the shape of a giant squid when creating its sleek looking structure and amazing because unlike other yachts this one is just as cool as anything with a Tesla logo Does you have to be Oh, you didn’t know that yachts are pretty noisy.

    Here’s a reference for you educational institutions and a little reason why tesla yachts don’t look like that it’s all thanks to electric and we’ll talk a little bit about that we’ll also cover who will give the first one and why But now let’s dive into the things we know people love to see in glasses.

    Based on the exterior design and design, the Tesla yacht will be billed as a sleek and amazing modern Tesla superyacht, in contrast to a very affordable 131 ft or 40 m across its line.

    It’s a little disturbing because if you’re even aware of some of these you know these dimensions are realistically small especially by any standard that would cost $700 million don’t you believe me Let’s do, here is the list of longest wedding processions in the world.

    Somewhere the last yacht on this list is at least 246 feet which is about 75 meters so ask me why I still call it a super yacht the answer is simple it’s not worth it I don’t think I know anyone who 700 million dollar yachts can cost and I know a lot of people, but we haven’t done that yet.

    Things get a little more interesting because in addition to its surprisingly short length and despite its nine-point rating the super yacht only has two decks and four lounges across two decks. I mean if you’re not already in shock and stuttering in disbelief like me, you know what I mean.

    But don’t worry, if we choose to rank yachts by their cost, I’ll break it down. The Tesla yacht owned by an Abu Dhabi billionaire will rank above the Azam, a $600 million yacht, and the Azam, despite costing a hundred million less, has seven decks and 50 suites with at least three times as many decks and several times as many interiors. There are places. Boat. Okay so I’ll take the place of Tesla superfan for a second and say it’s probably a question of exclusivity.

    It might be a yacht for introverted billionaires, maybe just anyone who wants to buy it. It’s the type that visitors don’t want to keep it small. Calling this a personal super yacht makes sense now. Beyond its unbeatable price tag and economical space it also sports a deceptively narrow design that makes it both stylish and aerodynamic, but more importantly allows it to go faster.

    It also features a sharp narrow tip while maintaining its stunning presence in the water, featuring a lounge and windows Large panoramic windows that run almost the entire length of the craft, while providing natural light to illuminate your interiors . Which can make it a breathtaking view of the sunset, the Tesla yacht will also have a unique luxurious and modern interior.

    The upper deck will have a huge open space, which can be used for anything from large scale parties to events. Bar and a comfortable seating area. One end will have a large TV screen and a huge solar panel that will power the whole boat and the latter will have a battery indicator on the other end and both can be protected from bad weather conditions with a controlled shutter.

    The Dor will also have a lounge area at the stern that comes with comfortable deck chairs and a jacuzzi, two bedrooms that will obviously be luxuriously furnished according to the Tesla brand’s tastes and it goes without saying that it will have a cabin for There will also be a place. crew, a kitchen, a swimming pool and bathrooms. The lower deck will have many of the same features as the upper deck, including a living area with seats hidden in tables that pop out at the push of a button and eventually it will also come with one.

    A fully equipped spa with massage tables and steam room which brings another notch of luxury to the yacht, a lot of features are still hidden and there are still many more which will be revealed with time but for now You can be sure that Tesla has enough experience to set them ahead of the game, taking advantage of their history of building sustainable electric power systems that have powered not only electric cars but thousands of homes around the world.

    With its energy focus, All Vision Tesla has introduced a range of energy products across the US such as the Power Wall, which has disrupted traditional energy industry devices, such as the Power Wall storing energy generated from solar panels or the grid. Which in itself is perfect for users to use in or during down periods. It’s clean and efficient in the event of an outage, two things yacht builders around the world have had to contend with.

    Millions have been spent on research and development but it looks like Tesla may be the one to crack the code. Their eco-friendly power systems not only make the boats safe for the water.

    But it will also prevent the ship’s engines from hydrolocking when too much water goes into a yacht’s motor engines, but as the design ensures there will be no openings in the yacht that the blue seas can take advantage of, the ship will remain safe. On top of the yacht will be the optimized solar panel I mentioned earlier, which will be enough to charge the batteries even when the yacht is stationary, and on the bottom there will be turbines that can propel the yacht up to speed.

    Nautical knots by producing hydroelectricity which would be operated to power the yacht and charge the battery tree. This loop mimics the system found in Tesla electric vehicles, making each a powerful energy generator and conservator, which also means the yacht could eliminate fuel costs.

    Making sure it never gets stranded in the middle of the ocean, you should now know that if this yacht ever sees the light of day, it won’t be the first Japanese company to take a knee in 2021, at least technically. believe that. The Electric Motor Industry reported that it installed an electric power system in a 165-foot yacht and it worked fine, but in the same breath, Dr. Charles Kuman also changed his private yacht and Elon. GT5 in a power pot.

    This is becoming a growing trend that may require a heavyweight like Tesla to make a technical statement, can you now see why the electric yacht concept is not that far off, at least on the Tesla team with Dr. Not with people like Charles, all right. Time to address the price tag because I don’t think we’ve talked about it enough.

    $700 million is a lot of money I said I made the call and I still don’t think I have friends that can accept the fact that there aren’t many yachts in the world that go beyond that price point really If you’re counting boats that actually exist, the only one is Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse and it cost an astronomical $1.5 billion because we can’t.

    See Elon personally build such an expensive Tesla ship, I think there’s a chance, but take everything we’ve said here with a few grains of salt because I think the boat will change if not all the specs. More revolutionary and accurate as I said a lot will change and that’s probably why Elon hasn’t publicly endorsed or commented about the $700 million Tesla yacht.

    so wait does this mean the yacht can never be that fast even elon has disapproved of the yacht and that’s weird because when you consider the fact that the tesla boss is the internet’s biggest troll then you’ll know there’s no way he’s heard of concept boats.

    It also means that his silence is a conscious choice. I’m sure another reason Elon knows about this insanely expensive electric yacht is because Drew Prasad, the man behind the concept yacht, worked with Tesla’s product design team. He certainly falls somewhere under Musk’s radar after working in the past that while Elon had nothing to do with the design or ideology of the Prasad concept, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we have an electric car under Tesla.

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