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His Offer to Buy Twitter Shares for $44 Billion Agreed Elon Musk Says Twitter Has Stayed as Five Percent of His Twitter Deals

    When the unrest between Twitter and Elon Musk ends, Elon Musk gives Twitter another but final warning that, although his offer to buy Twitter shares for $44 billion was agreed, he says Twitter’s five His Twitter deal as a percentage is stalled.

    The Spam Prediction Is Wrong Twitter’s Reaction What Are These Twitter’s Bots Spam Accounts Why Elon Musk Prioritizes It Join This Post Today As We Detect Elon Musk’s Final Warning to Twitter Musk in a Tweet on Friday Tweet Did that the Twitter deal is temporarily pending.

    Details supporting the calculation that spam fake accounts actually represent less than 5 percent of users, he made this statement while tagging a Reuters article. Its monetizable daily active users are spam accounts, yet Elon Musk is skeptical about this estimate.

    On May 17, he posted on his Twitter page that while twenty percent of fake spam accounts may be more than four times what Twitter claims, my proposal was based on the accuracy of yesterday’s second filing, with Twitter’s CEO reporting less than five percent.

    The deal may not go ahead until it is to the effect that Elon Musk plans to evaluate the number of bot spam accounts at the social media giant, using a survey he plans to conduct using a random sample of 100 followers.

    He tweeted the same Friday to trace my team. Do a random sample of 100 followers on Twitter. I invite others to repeat the same process and see what they find with this claim by Kasturi, Due to which there was a sour conversation between Agarwal and Twitter.

    Agarwal replied in a tweet that we do not believe this specific inference can be made externally given the critical need to use both public and private information that we cannot share externally.

    To find out which accounts count as mdaus on any given day, Elon Musk replied with just a poop emoji, though previous reports of fake accounts have been less than five percent, Elon received another report.

    Earlier, Elon Musk said in a TED 2022 interview. At a conference in Vancouver that their top priority is to eliminate bots and spam accounts, my top priority is to eliminate spam and bot accounts and the bot army on Twitter.

    Those scam bots make the product so bad if i had one dogecoin for every crypto scam i saw we would have a hundred billion dogecoin they openly announced so it’s not surprising that he’s with twitter Will bring it up again before my final deal.

    What are these Twitter bots and why is Elon Musk so upset about it According to an article published on Bloomberg it is top priority to make it a top priority according to what are Twitter bots and why Elon Musk is fighting them Twitter bots are automated accounts that are real human.

    Follow other users and like and retweet postings in other words, Twitter bots mimic actions of people on Twitter like like retweet tweets etc. If you have a large follower ship then you have many There are bots that are following you.

    Is there any difference between bots spam and fake accounts Yes there is a difference between bots spam and fake accounts, although they are often used interchangeably. Bots are usually automated. And largely independent of human control while spam accounts create annoying mass promotional material.

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