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Have you noticed that Twitter hasn’t tried to ‘cancel’ Chris Pratt since Elon Musk fired the trend curation team?

    Have you noticed that Twitter hasn't tried to 'cancel' Chris Pratt since Elon Musk fired the trend curation team?

    Actor Chris Pratt will do something that will remind everyone he exists, and some form of “Cancel Chris Pratt” will trend on Twitter. Then Elon Musk fired the Twitter curation team.

    They were the least*ck employees tasked with curating the trends you see. Now, two major movie trailers later and nobody at Chris Pratt’s party.

    When the trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special dropped, I was expecting the usual suspects to cancel “the worst” Chris. Yet with new trailers for Super Mario Bros. and Guardians 3, it’s clearly a good one.

    Before Twitter was purchased by Elon, Pratt was featured in a Thor trailer for “Twitter”, canceling “Demand” Pratt. Or, when the actor would post something about his family. You see, the knock (by fools) on Pratt is that he likes Jesus, America, and hunting.

    He uses his platform to appease millions and does not attack Trump supporters, the Left hates him. Maybe the same leftists who wanted to trend on Twitter should put an end to this. Other leftists who hate him and who work in digital media will write about how Pratt is being canceled on Twitter.

    It’s not just Chris’ lack of cancellation. Japanese Twitter users noticed that the Bird app was getting more pleasant after a reporter complained that Twitter no longer had anyone left to ask its “news” articles to trend.

    Users consider the new trending list to be more authentic than Twitter’s allegedly politically influenced list, which is a fair assumption. Japanese users compared the list to previous days where almost all trending topics were political in nature.

    The user who posted the list called the new trends “peaceful” and joked about how the curation team must have spent their time “sorting through topics like this every day”. It turns out that when Twitter employees don’t put their finger on the scale, Twitter users don’t care about the political topics that Twitter employees want them to care about.

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