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Good news: Elon Musk now owns Twitter

    Elon Musk

    Good news: Now the new owner of Twitter is Elon Musk, yes it is a matter of great pleasure, but Parag Agarwal has said that it cannot be said in which direction Twitter will go, now it will be changed after the purchase of Twitter. And bots, fake ID will also be stopped.

    Elon Musk has bought Twitter for $44 billion, now Twitter is under Elon Musk’s control, and his Twitter is going to benefit a lot, because he has the most followers, he is the most active on Twitter, It is a matter of happiness for the people who love Elon Musk and now others will also spend time with Elon Musk.

    We will learn about all that happened before, Elon Musk was dismayed after the Twitter board adopted a poison pill plan against him to thwart his efforts to take the company private, although he has now taken a new step that stunned Twitter that Elon What is their talent and will it help them?

    Elon Musk is one of the smartest people of our time, to whom he has given achievements. The world of auto and space has realized that he is a genius who knows how to make his moves One is provided.

    As a fellow of royal society with such an award the world is now on an equal footing with other famous scientists such as Isaac Newton, who was awarded to Albert Einstein in 1672. Elon, who became a fellow of the Royal Society in 1921 and Stephen Hawking, who won the award in 1974, has taken such a step as the battle momentum for Twitter.

    The one who stunned the Twitter board The smart engineer has made a smart move after the world’s richest man bought a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter on April 4, inviting him to the board of the American micro-blogging site in a tweet by CEO Perag Agarwal I am excited to share that we are appointing Elon Musk to our board.

    Elon Musk Image♥

    Elon Musk

    Through conversations with Elon in recent weeks it became clear to us that he would bring great value to our board but it was the same Twitter CEO who informed the world a few days later that Elon had declined the offer, Parag had tweeted that Elon has decided not to.

    JOIN OUR BOARD I sent a short note to the company sharing with you all When you are alone you do not accept any good offer that comes your way One has to be bright enough to reject good offers just because you look.

    Tomorrow’s better offer in economics known as delayed gratification, the way Elon Musk is a 1997 economics degree graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, so you can expect him to make the best investment decisions in terms of Twitter .

    Most people just thought Elon had just declined the offer because he was too busy with his other companies like SpaceX Neuralink and Tesla and The Boring Company, but that was far from the truth. Musk had other plans who took to Twitter on the 14th. The board was also surprised.

    April Musk stunned the world when he offered to buy 100 stocks in Twitter for ₹54.20 per share, which is equivalent to $43 billion, Elon’s offer was quickly rejected by Saudi Prince Talal, who owns Kingdom Holding. is the chairman of the company, who holds 5.2 percent.

    The day after Elon Musk offered a stake in Twitter, the Twitter board had an urgent meeting with the sole agenda of finding a way to stop the Tesla CEO. At the end of the meeting as a hostile takeover, the board adopted a limited-term shareholder rights plan often referred to as the poison pill against Musk.

    The method was intended to thwart the tech billionaire’s post-poison pill plan to take Twitter private. The enlisted Tesla CEO had several options, the easiest being to simply abandon the acquisition exercise and continue with his 9.2 stake in the company.

    Second as the richest man in the world he could have added more money and made an offer that was comfortable for the board. And finally he can sell his 9.2 stake in Twitter and invest the money elsewhere but Musk has ignored all these options.

    Instead it has taken a move that has stunned Twitter after the board rejected Elon Musk’s decision to take up the case. The true owners of the social media platform who are shareholders Elon’s move is known as a tender offer. which makes a direct appeal to the shareholders to sell or tender their shares.

    At a specific price it is used in friendly deals, but its real value is to hostile bidders when the board of the target company is not attached, which completely explains the Twitter board position, according to this new Kadam has not only stunned the board but also put them in.

    A tricky situation. It would be an embarrassment for the board. If the shareholder decides to sell shares directly to Elon, there is every chance that shareholders will favor the Tesla CEO, as he has more followers on Twitter than Twitter, the tech icon.

    While Twitter has only 61.5 million followers, Musk is also expected to overtake the board as he has a higher stake in the social media site, with Musk holding a 9.2 stake in the company, compared to all 11 board members. Has only 2.37 stake.

    2.37 stake 2.25 Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey simply means that the other board members, save for Jack, have a combined 0.12 percent Elon stake, an even bigger advantage than Jack Dorsey in that case. Supporting them to fight the board.

    Shareholders are likely to be with Jack and Elon. Shareholders have great faith in Dorsey as the founder of Twitter and they will also be with Musk because he is the richest man on the planet, the least they can be sure of. They will have financial concerns.

    Elon’s tender offer is the perfect plan that will overtake the poison pill method on board Elon’s withdrawal from Twitter as an investor is also another strategy Which would eventually lead to Twitter shareholders suing the board.

    You can rest assured that Twitter’s share prices will plummet as soon as Tesla leaves the billionaire company, the exact opposite of what happened when Musk bought his 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, when the giant The share prices of the communication platform increased by 27.

    Initially Elon Musk offered 54.20 per share, when he wanted to take the company private on April 14, seven days later he raised the share price to 58.60 Musk’s offer is higher than the current Twitter share price of 48.93, so When Musk removes his investment from Twitter, the stock price could drop below $40.

    It would be a huge loss for shareholders who would hold Twitter’s board accountable in this way. Shareholders are expected to sue board members for failing to sell the company when the business was attracting the best price in the world to a board member.

    A company is expected to act in the best interest of its shareholders, which is called their fiduciary role via his Twitter page, Elon has also warned the board of dire consequences as he neglects his fiduciary obligation. Musk’s tweet reads If the current Twitter board takes action contrary to shareholder interest.

    They may be in breach of their fiduciary duty, the obligation they believe will be Titanic and Musk’s move to go the tender offer route will surely take days as he has the backing of his friend and Twitter co-founder.

    Jack Dorsey With Jack’s rich experience in Twitter he will help Elon Musk mobilize shareholders so that they can accept his offer. Musk is super wealthy and would be prepared to add some money to his initial offer for the benefit of shareholders.

    Through which he has so far secured almost billions of dollars in debt financing through senior funding of Morgan Stanley and other firms and he has also pledged about $21 billion in equity financing, the Tesla CEO is a man who takes care of all his fights.

    He makes his moves smarter more often than not to catch his moves. To the surprise of his rivals, which gives him an advantage over him, the Twitter acquisition case is no different, with Elon Musk making a smart move of buying Twitter stock directly through shareholders through a scheme.

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