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Elon Musk’s New Partnership With Google Is A Game Changer In The Tech Industry

    Elon Musk's New Partnership With Google Is A Game Changer In The Tech Industry

    Elon Musk’s New Partnership With Google Is A Game Changer In The Tech Industry

    The internet keeps getting bigger and better and the teaming population of the world is asking for nothing less than the new partnership between Elon Musk’s SpaceX company and Google.

    Presenting a great unimaginable idea that could eventually see a world woven into a dense web of revolutionary super fast and reliable internet service as a general trend technology is moving from wired connections to wireless and Google is on par with the trend.

    You might remember the story of the famous internet 5G balloons last year, you might be wondering what exactly they belong to? According to the company, a Google project known as The Loon aims to connect those last billion people in the world to the Internet.

    Whether or not they have been associated with a project being run in an East African country during their lifetime. Kenya’s satellite Internet-equipped balloons were launched into specific regions of the stratosphere, mainly the sparsely populated northern region. Google partnered with local internet provider Telecom.

    which was the third largest internet provider in Kenya and the program ran well for a while and promised to eliminate the need for ground internet stations, however the Loon project was soon shelved.

    Astro Tailor Google CEO and Lun said in a statement that the road to commercial viability proved to be longer and riskier than expected, so we made the difficult decision to close Loom Oh.

    Google has released small balloons for some of the bigger and far better SpaceX Starlink satellites that fly in low orbit above the balloon stratosphere.

    Elon Musk and his space company SpaceX, taking advantage of rocket launch capabilities, have in a smart move more than 2,300 fully operational low-orbit, low-orbit satellites called Starlings, a precious cargo of the Internet, a slew of satellites. distribute networks.

    The numbers are increasing day by day, in fact the company is targeting a network of 42,000 satellites by the middle of 2027. According to SpaceX, the company is doing satellite internet with 36 to connect the world to quality internet. Countries that already have access to this Internet, regardless of geographic location and counting.

    As of September 2022, unlike traditional ones, SpaceX has over 500,000 active customers. Satellite Internet provider Starlink has its own specialty, which Elon Musk described to Businessweek as speed.

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