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Elon Musk’s INSANE New Engine Is A Game Changer

    Elon Musk's INSANE New Engine Is A Game Changer

    The bugatti chiron is the fastest car in the world behind tesla’s latest sedan the fastest car in the world this tesla plaid won four out of five races let it sink in so how is this possible how did tesla make a sedan that Is the supercar that can beat Tesla’s incredible car.

    Vehicles are only as powerful as their engines. The Tesla Plaid is no different and its engine can be found where all other EV engines are not often found at its bottom, this bottom is known as the powertrain.

    Think of it as the motherboard of an electric vehicle. Both the battery and the motor can be found here, unlike all Tesla models before it and other EVs. The S Plaid’s carbon-wrapped motors are the primary reason it’s capable of such strange feats of acceleration, but before we get into terms you may or may not be familiar with.

    If so then I think it is important that we first brush up on the basics of motors and most importantly how they work electric vehicles so that we can truly appreciate how this engine speeds up the amazing electric motor This is why an electric motor uses electromagnetism to convert electrical energy.

    There may be magnets inside the electric motor. Divided into rotor and stator. The stator is a stationary rotating magnet that acts as a protective shield around other magnets. This other magnet is the rotor and it is not stable when the rotor is attached to the metal wire. When wrapped in an electromagnet it is capable of changing the charge or polarity of its ends.

    If you are familiar with the behavior of magnets then you know that they repel and attract depending on the charge on the end of the magnet when it is placed inside a stator on the rotor axis of the electromagnet with the polarity of the rotor interacting with its polarity is kept. and subsequently causes rotation. In the world of EVs, the spinning speed is referred to as RP PM, also known as revolutions per minute.

    It serves as a measure for the number of turns. The number of revolutions a rotor makes in one minute is often directly related to the speed of the vehicle concerned. The more current flowing into the motor, the greater the strength of the electromagnetic field and the faster the rotor can spin and the faster the motors work in essence.

    Now let’s talk about the plaid’s special carbon-wrapped motor that Tesla has been bent on recreating for the longest time. The powertrain of their lineup in the past was the dual motor in older Tesla vehicles including the older Model S, however the new Plaid features a single front motor and a new tri-motor powertrain consisting of two motors, the new powertrain being a Model S during the Plaid delivery event It was not easy to build a miracle of engineering and its components.

    Planned for years to manufacture with the help of Panasonic, these batteries would have worked with all the other parts of the powertrain to achieve the insane performance the plaid is currently showcasing but in the year 2020, the pandemic has disrupted supply chains.

    The plaid got to such a high that Tesla was forced to recall and reuse the 1865 cell that was used in the original Roadster, somehow they made it work though the Model S plaid K beyond the battery cell One of the more impressive achievements on the K’s powertrain has to be. Because the plaid Model S is what you might call a single speed gearbox and because it cancels out any gear slippage.

    The motors operate at very high speeds and can reach 20 000 rpm or more, this incredibly fast motor rotation allows Tesla to move. from zero to 200 miles at one speed and even more effectively this may mean maintaining those top speeds for extended periods but this brings up more questions we know that due to the high rotational speed the rotor expansion takes place.

    Those levels of rotation should cause centrifugal force to unwind the coils on the rotor rendering the vehicle unusable or even dangerous, was Elon Musk’s answer. And then we’re really proud that the new carbon fiber-sleeve rotors for motors. So this is a first. BAR is to the best of our knowledge a production electric motor with a carbon on sleeve rotor.

    This is a very difficult thing to do because carbon and copper have very different rates of thermal expansion hence what Elon called the three rotors within the motors carbon wrapped in plaid’s powertrain when I said that by wrapping the coil around the rotor they turn into electromagnets also change.

    Elon says he had to design a machine that wrapped the carbon onto the rotor at extremely high tension, which he says was incredibly difficult, but also created an electromagnetic field that he says was extremely efficient. Was. Carbon fiber is a very durable material. The material is that it is five times stronger than steel and has a very low rate of thermal expansion.

    So it will remain stable even when the temperature reaches the ceiling but this leads to another problem which we have skimmed so far, carbon wrapping is good for holding the rotor in place but it does nothing to reduce the heat And when the rotor is spinning at 20000 RPM you can bet there will be a lot of heat. Thankfully the Tesla team was ahead of us in narrowing down the issue.

    There is hardly anything that more directly affects the performance of a vehicle’s engine than overheating and to achieve the extreme conditions that vehicle must have a proper thermal management system within it, both the motor and the Tesla Model S. The first generation kept the battery pack cool and after only a few quarter miles the vehicle’s power would drop significantly to prevent overheating of the vehicle’s batteries and motors.

    However, each iteration of the Model S leading up to the Plaid has seen improvements to its thermal management system. We have the latest and greatest in heat pumps which is basically the HVAC system for the car, it’s 30 better cold weather range and the cabin requires 50% less energy.

    Heating and cooling conditions. Yes, so it is that you will see very little degradation in cold weather. Elon also talks about the radiator being twice as large as its previous iterations and he also says that one of the defining factors is the reason why the plaid can go from 0 to 60 repeatedly without burning up, now I’ve This video may have hinted at the beginning.

    But I think it’s time we properly addressed just how fast the Tesla Plaid Model S is, I mean it’s an insane engine if not insane enough to explain the Plaid’s impressive speed to the car. Makes, Not Speed A quick trip to Tesla’s past is needed, we need to first compare this beast to its previous iterations.

    June 2012 After years of waiting the original Model S is finally released and to the delight of Tesla customers worldwide it is a twin motor all-wheel luxury vehicle that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.0.2 seconds Could Capable of going at speed, this type of speed shouldn’t have happened on an EV in 2012.

    That time wasn’t much different from fighting with nuclear weapons in the American Civil War, but Tesla wasn’t done yet, it wasn’t until 2015 that he started upgrading his favorite nephew with the gusto of a battered grandma car on Thanksgiving. Did. Enthusiasts were so impressed with the upgrade that Business Insider ran this article.

    Where they endlessly built on the already impressive Model S and you can’t blame them one of the upgrades called Insane Mode nudges the Model S 4.2 second zero to 60 second sprint to 3.8 seconds. The next big upgrade, called Extravaganza mode, pushed the time down to an incredible 2.8 seconds, breaking the three-second barrier and entering supercar territory with all four wheels.

    It was the kind of speed you only found in classics like the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren. The P1’s both cost over a million bucks, contrast the Model S version just went for a million dollars today, the latest Model S plaid Bugatti Chiron is faster than 0 to 60 in 1.88 seconds and possibly better than any comparison I can I walk fast

    Other supercars in the world today and don’t just take my word for it, take the word of the pros who tested the plaid vehicle professional race car driver randy pops drives the plaid at the laguna seca track pitted against the tesla real sports cars on the track the porsche gt2 There were the RS, McLaren Senna and the McLaren P1, with the McLaren Center taking the lead at first but the Tesla quickly catching up.

    Passed it over like it wasn’t even running an article documenting the race the Pope’s comment was mentioned in. The Model S Plaid that had only 34 charges left felt just as fast as when it still had a full charge, meaning the Tesla Pad would maintain higher speeds over longer distances.

    Without loss of power even if the battery condition deteriorates and in case you don’t know let me tell you this scheme is not a Tesla supercar the title is related to their other special offering Roadster Plaid Model S Tesla’s premium four door sedan A family vehicle built for luxurious practicality, it can drive like one.

    McLaren but it won’t turn heads like it has an impressive sound system and a state-of-the-art infotainment system with PS5-level computing power and when Tesla releases a software update it’s sure to have full self-driving capabilities soon. But I must say once again that the plaid is not a sports car.

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