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Elon Musk’s ALL NEW Model Y SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry

    Elon Musk's ALL NEW Model Y SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry

    The Model Y has become Tesla’s best-selling car in the US, overtaking the uber-popular Model 3. However Tesla is not resting on its laurels weather the Model Y as it continues to improve the car.

    In fact the latest upgrade of the Model Y has taken the entire car industry by surprise. What is Tesla adding to the new model? How did the new upgrade improve the EV? Tesla’s Model Y continues to grow in popularity as a more compact and affordable version of the Model X.

    It shares the same platform as the cheapest Tesla in the Model 3, sharing similar EV DNA even before the Model 3 was official. Debut Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was already teasing some early versions of the Model Y that had falcon wing doors, though there were vague references and silhouettes during the SHAR after years of publicly teasing them.

    Tesla finally announced its latest EV, the Model Y, in March 2019. Production began the following December at Tesla’s Fremont factory, and by March 2020 the first Model Vs had begun to be delivered to customers, while initial production of the Model Y took place. , in Fremont. Tesla has made it clear that its future production will continue at its two new Gigafactory Gigabar Lynn and Giga Texas, both factories now expected to open in the summer of 2020.

    Tesla revealed that it will produce and sell its new Model Y in the Chinese market. In December of that year, it was rumored that production of the Model Y had begun at One Giga Shanghai. Some people feel that the Model Y appears to be closer to the veteran Model X SUV due to its shape and doors, although it is actually modeled more closely on the Model 3.

    That same third-generation platform makes the Model Y torn between two worlds that looks like a more affordable version of the Model X and a roomier version. It’s no surprise that the Model Y falls somewhere in the middle of both pricing and performance since the latest Tesla model available was the first to feature Tesla’s heat pump instead of electrical resistance for interior cabin heat.

    The battery pre-conditioning heat pump has since been integrated into other Tesla models and other features such as chrome trim. And this unique casting process by injecting molten aluminum into a single cast design at the back of the frame will take place at Gigabit Lynn and is already in use at Fremont, with Tesla testing the unibody press at Giga Texas and will further optimize.

    While a trailer hitch only comes as standard on the Model X SUV, the Model Y is the second Tesla EV to come with a choice of available add-ons that you can add to the tow hitch using the Model Y configurator on Tesla’s website. Upgrade The Tow Hitch is available as an add-on for a thousand dollars and provides 3,500 pounds of towing capacity.

    There’s little head and leg room for passengers riding in the seats in the Model X though and things can get tight in there, so you can be sure no one in the family will be rushing to pick them up anytime soon . In 2015, Tesla organized a massive event tagging the Cyber Rodeo.

    There was a lot of music partying and fireworks to open Giga Texas and few factory opening ceremonies could generate as much excitement as Tesla pulled out an air show showing off some of the vehicles that would be built in a bigger factory but it One of the event highlights was Elon Musk’s speech.

    He talked about the factory, which he claimed would become the largest volume car factory in the US with a final production of over 1 million vehicles per year, a number expected to be the Model Y event. Eventually more than 500 000 would be accounted for. Elon Musk said Tesla is officially delivering Model Y vehicles in Texas for the first time.

    Some units rolled out onto the stage that night as he Elon Musk reiterated that those new models were revolutionary because they were being built with only three major pieces, Tesla’s new 4680 battery largely supported by a structural battery pack enabled by Musk. Single piece casting front and rear together noted the advantages of this new version of the Model Y.

    Simplification of the manufacturing process like weight reduction which translates into better efficiency and better safety, but Elon Musk made it clear that night by releasing no specific specs or pricing about the vehicle, this is the car for Tesla. It was strange not to disclose the specifications. But whatever, Musk wanted to achieve his tight-lipped attitude.

    When we scoured for information on the new model it was nowhere to be found and meanwhile a new filing with the EPA ahead of the event revealed that Tesla was preparing to launch a new version. The Model Y with an interesting 279-mile range and an all-wheel drive powertrain at a time when Tesla was only selling the Model Y, while the lesser NG-range all-wheel drive with 330 miles of range starts at sixty thousand dollars and the model Y Performance starts at 65 000 with 303 miles.

    So a search of the EPA filings mentions a Model Y with 279 miles of range and an all-wheel drive. The drive powertrain caused quite a stir, but it has cleared up with a few revelations about the new model and the clarification comes from the owners of Tesla, who own the model and it was revealed during the Cyber Rodeo event.

    Equipped with a new 4680 battery cell and structural battery pack technology, resulting in a different car with different specs in the new Model Y trim, Tesla gave them to its employees, who bought them through internal deals, which they never sold. Sales of the truly Made in Texas Model Y up for order on the company’s website are limited to employees as the public will have to wait a few weeks before receiving their U.N.

    From its new Texas factory it sells for 59,990, or less than three thousand dollars, less than the Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive, which has an EPA estimated range of 300 130 miles, 0 to 60 miles in the new model. Y is the acceleration per hour. Covers a longer distance in 4.8 seconds apart from changes in the powertrain as compared to the slower model in 5 seconds.

    The new Model Y made in Texas also gets some new features including a magnetic center console armrest and a parcel shelf. A few weeks before listing it on his online configurator with the Long Range and Performance versions built in California, one of Regan Jansen’s employee customers took to LinkedIn to celebrate his new model and posting.

    new texas made tesla model y with 4680 cells this is an incredible opportunity to start my career with tesla and i look forward to all the opportunities that come along with a massive shout out to elon musk That also take Waters, the headquarters of Tesla, to my hometown of Austin Texas.

    A menage was reportedly sent by Tesla to its employees that many people outside the company noticed that the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive of the Model Y standard range was now an AV. The first set of cars made in India will be sold to its employees. With such cars being more forgiving of errors or issues Tesla is putting new batteries in them and the cars are assembled in a new factory.

    The potential for something to go wrong is stronger than model wise built in Fremont where the production line is debugged and optimized. While a base variant Model Y undoubtedly stands out for around sixty thousand dollars, the vehicle will still sell like a hotcase, much like China’s Model Y. Unlike, which is rear-wheel drive only, the Texas-built Model Y Stand range has two electric motors. The vehicle is also equipped with Tesla’s 4680 battery cells which, at least to one point, are at the cutting edge of the company’s technology.

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