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Elon Musk’s $20 Billion Star City

    Elon Musk's $20 Billion Star City

    It’s not every day that someone claims they’ll build a new kind of city with a spaceport and mean it, but then not everyone’s Elon Musk right, Tesla founder Boring Company Starlink and SpaceX recently I just said. Recently the construction plan has been revealed.

    A town in southern Texas is set to serve as the world’s new epicenter of space transportation and boy what a name. This city known as Starbase sounds like something expected to be out of Star Trek but does it? What it can do is actual plans.

    To know the answer what exactly is in the future and more keep watching this video city of dreams it is no news that elon musk is the one who likes his fancy names naming his tesla as s3 x and y does.

    Even people were shocked when he revealed that he planned to call the southernmost point of Boca Chica, Texas Starbase, his launch site. But what exactly should a site be and where does it come from? Turns out there’s a lot of history behind the site and plenty of reasons why Elon wants to move there.

    You see the longest of all US space flights, which includes a lot of SpaceX flights. Cape Carnevale’s location at the tip of Florida, and the reason the site has stood the test of time for so long, was the only one in the nation’s history that had nothing to do with physics.

    Since the Earth is round and rotates around its axis, parts near the equator move faster than those near the equator, and because of this, all rocket launches move toward the equator. Go ahead and make as many locations in the US as possible.

    Cape Conoverl to be but if it was so perfect why change it now well that’s where Elon and his vision for SpaceX comes in you because carnivore is so great it’s up to SpaceX’s plan I’m too young and More important, I am not a SpaceX exclusive.

    So SpaceX has to wait in line behind many of its competitors when it launches, so in 2014 it expressed its plans to acquire a special launch facility at the other southernmost point in the United States.

    Boca Chica, a site on the Texas Gulf Coast right next to the state’s Mexican border, was intended to provide SpaceX with a specialized launch site that would allow the company to adjust its launch manifests and meet tight launch windows.

    The site was initially intended to support the launch of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles as well as reusable suborbital launch vehicles, and in 2014 the company officially began operations in Florida and Texas from some floating launch pads. .

    Not surprisingly, the state was also welcoming the $2.3 million provided from the Texas Enterprise Fund to bring the company to the state. Then-Governor Rick Perry said in a news release that Texas has been our nation’s leader in space for decades.

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