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Elon Musk – You won’t believe what just happened

    Elon Musk is a man who has been sued multiple times but this time he is a sued Twitter, why would Musk want to sue a company he hopes to take private and if he wins the case today Join us as we explore Elon Musk’s lawsuit against Twitter.

    The Twitter acquisition has quickly turned into a legal battle. Before we get into Elon Musk’s lawsuit against Twitter, let’s take a look at some of the other lawsuits the Tesla CEO has previously faced, the Securities and Exchange Commission accused in 2018. .

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk was expected to sue Tesla as well, according to court records, according to people close to the company, although the case did not mention Tesla as a defendant, according to the Sec. lawsuit. Made false and misleading representations and neglected to notify executives of significant corporate changes to discuss the complaint.

    Sec scheduled a news conference, although if Musk were convicted, De Sec would have barred him from acting as the owner or director of a publicly listed business, as the chairman and CEO of a public company, among other penalties. Have important responsibilities.

    Those responsibilities include the need to exercise caution regarding statements of truth and accuracy made to the investing public, whether those statements are made in traditional forms such as: be made through press releases or earnings calls or through less formal methods such as Twitter or other social media.

    Reputation as a technology innovator exempted from federal securities laws, he said, adding that Musk dismissed the allegations as unfair and that he never compromised his integrity, deeply saddened by this unfair action, and by Elon Musk. said in a statement to CNBC.

    F. Truth Transparency and integrity of investors are the most important values ​​in my life and the facts will show that I was not compromised in any way. Later that year, Musk tweeted that he was considering adding Tesla private, Securing the tweet may have triggered a Tesla controversy. Gone and shipped the stock, Elon Musk said after weeks of volatility.

    That he was negotiating with the Saudi National Wealth Fund and was certain the money was going to come in his lawsuit at the suggested price of 420 per share, with Sec claiming that Elon Musk knew he was not agreeing to the fund or any other Funding 2 any terms for the ongoing private transaction with Source Two, there was no further actual communication with the Fund’s representatives after their 32-45 minute meeting on July 31.

    He had never discussed a private transaction on a share. Price of 420, with no potential funding source, did not contact any additional potential strategic investors to assess its interests, five remaining as a private company from existing Tesla shareholders in participating in the private transaction.

    Six did not formally hire any legal or financial advisor to assist in a private transaction, seven did not determine a private company, eight did not determine whether Tesla’s institutional approval would limit liquid holdings. will be required or whether they can be satisfied as per the suit.

    Musk made the comment without consulting with other Tesla executives, about 12 minutes after Musk published his tweet. Tesla Secures Its Head of Investor Relations on 420 Funding Considering Taking Tesla Private Investor Relations sent a text to Musk’s chief of staff asking if this text.

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