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Elon Musk: Will Twitter swallow the “poison pill” to survive?

    Elon Musk

    Let’s now discuss what is turning out to be the biggest boardroom fight of 2022, Elon Musk’s bid to take over Twitter. He took this step in 24 hours yesterday. We have already seen a lot of twists and turns let’s get you up to speed with the latest for now.

    Elon Musk seriously wants to buy Twitter, he is willing to pay about $43 billion for it, which means that at a price of about $54 per share, Twitter’s market value is about $36 billion today, so Musk is about seven billion. Dollar is offering to pay the additional Twitter board.

    The board is said to have considered a proposal to help Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs, but Parag Agarwal, the company’s CEO, says he won’t be held hostage by Elon Musk, wrote a 25-minute question-and-answer meeting with employees.

    Here are the statements Aggarwal told Twitter employees. It gives all of us this moment where we feel disoriented where we feel a loss of control. I personally am going to spend my time.

    i believe it will matter i don’t believe we are being held hostage what those words tell you twitter will not succumb to the whims of elon musk but do they have a choice they do but it ain’t easy It is called a poison pill.

    Twitter’s board is seriously considering what’s a poison pill in the business world. It’s called a shareholder rights scheme. It’s a common defense strategy for companies facing hostile bids to offer more shares. How this would work in Twitter’s case at a discount to existing shareholders.

    Right now Elon Musk is Twitter’s largest shareholder. If Twitter takes the poison pill it will offer more shares to other shareholders.

    This could put them in a stronger position than Elon Musk. That could mean looking for a new owner if the board is a fiduciary. As not to say then they will be eating trial or breakfast.

    So it is going to force the board to do a strategic process to find another bid B but this is in my opinion the current twitter story in which the clock strikes midnight one way or another, we believe that The company is being sold, can Twitter survive.

    Whether it will actually be sold may be too soon to assess that I am quoting.

    I do not believe that the offer proposed by Elon Musk comes close to the intrinsic value of Twitter given its growth prospects. Was quick to shoot a tweet to reply.

    what he said is interesting just two questions if i may how much twitter directly and indirectly in the kingdom is the state’s views on journalism freedom of expression clearly embarrass saudi arabia on the issue of human rights and free speech was trying to do.

    But whether it should be Elon Musk to decide what constitutes free speech. Already, people are casting doubt on his ability to run a platform like Twitter. Critics say Musk does so to promote free speech. Not doing it for, but to say who already deserves attention.

    He has been sued by shareholders, saying that Elon Musk failed to disclose his stake in a timely manner and despite citing materially false and misleading statements and omissions, opposition Elon Musk refused, shareholders. One of them declined his offer to acquire Twitter.

    Elon Musk says he has a plan B but hasn’t shared such specifics. Be it an ugly boardroom fight that’s playing out both on Twitter and in real life, whatever it is, one thing is certain. So neither Elon Musk nor Twitter will be spotless we are now available in your country.

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