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Elon Musk Will Read Your Mind

    Elon Musk Will Read Your Mind

    There is already a company launched to pursue this future goal, but how does it work and exactly how Elon Musk is going to kick it off.

    We’ll answer these questions and take an in-depth look at NeuroLink, and how it could change humanity forever. 

    NeuroLink –

    NeuroLink is a tiny brain implant, which will generate neurons in your brain, and manipulate them to cure health problems like addiction, blindness, depression and others.

    Various brain related problems – It can also use bluetooth technologies to connect your brain with devices like smartphones. Elon defines Neurolink as having access to all aspects of your brain, the demo Neurolink controls and alters pain, fear, sight, smell hearing and other senses, which he is convinced this Neurolink can.

    All of our senses are electrical signals transmitted to our brain by neurons but sometimes the signals are not wired correctly. .

    Neuralink wants to rewire the circuit so that the paralyzed can walk, see blind, hear death, and at the same time treat other neurological disorders, as the concept might seem that it was actually developed. and is being tested in animals such as pigs.

    Elon brings some pigs to the demo to show how they are doing with NeuroLink, one of the pigs having NeuroLink implanted in their head for about two months, the pig is in good health, and drinking vigorously. floating in the water.

    Even running on the treadmill, while Elon didn’t specify what the neurolink is. Neurons doing the inside of the pig’s head are being delivered from the neurolink to the pig’s brain, another pig was also hooked up.

    According to Wisdom and Elon – the pig that was removed from the Neuralink was running as healthy as it did before receiving the new link. Demonstrated that it is safe to insert and delete NeuralLink, and that’s a good start. The company has previously released 87 accuracy results of testing this technology on boar monkeys. And the wait for mice and human trials has begun, in fact the company was supposed to conduct human experiments around the beginning of 2020.

    While this is happening later than ever, it can be attributed to the company’s extraordinary vision, which combines AI with the human brain. tackle some of the most complex diseases of the brain, yet the main point is that the business is building a bridge to create an AI symbiotic relationship to allow direct communication between the human brain and machines.

    Bringing out the features of this technology with the performance claims of Musk’s neurons. The prototype differs from the latest version in that it requires an external earpiece, while the latest version relies entirely on a chip implanted in the skull, like a Fitbit in your head, but with smaller wires. The accompanying electrode is represented by wires or threads that are 10 times thinner than a human hair.

    The electrodes activate further by analyzing the signals provided by the neurons. As many neurons as possible The most recent version of NeuroLink has more than 1 000 electrode channels. Many of which are likely to be thinner and more flexible, making them less likely to penetrate blood vessels, and perhaps cause catastrophic damage.

    But this does not mean, that humans are capable of the required precision, for surgery so when it comes to implanting the Neuralink Elon, it is certain, that the only way to accomplish this effectively and safely. Automated robotic surgery is, because human error is not an option when placing the NeuroLink.

    They are also developing robotic surgeons, capable of removing and inserting the NeuroLink robotic surgery that was used in a trial trial of the pig.

    According to Elon- roughly the human brain. The human brain is about 10 millimeters thick, while the nerve link is about 5 millimeters thick, the procedure will remove 5 millimeters of your skull, and the nerve link will be flat, matching the contours of your skull.

    It will leave a slight mark but if you have hair it won’t be noticeable, the latest version has about a thousand channels, far more than any current technology device, such as the iPhone. It has a full day battery life. Which can be charged overnight with a wireless charging device.

    Elon claims you’ll charge it the same way you charge the phone, according to Musk, the battery can be charged while sleeping, possibly wearing a nightcap, although it may not sound exactly like it. That the iPhone will also have improved versions of the new Link over time.

    The neural link system produced after launching the first Neurolink will shed light on many brain functions, the result of this project being, that you will have a better understanding of how the brain works. You can predict, in advance, how much information discovery and processing will improve, and now you can make quick decisions after analyzing every visual message.

    Human decision-making will undoubtedly change, and this will have an impact on behavior with enough electrodes in the right places. The device could also unlock untapped creativity. You can begin to tap into the basic concepts that you are thinking of in your mind.

    In this age of humans who desire nostalgia, this device will be able to store the memories as a repository, one can revisit the memory, and change, mood on demand by mental conditions such as dementia. can be controlled easily.

    If it breaks down one of the team members present at the event discussed how pain is the root of all human suffering, there are many diseases today, which can cause a variety of discomforts. Unpleasant as it may be, our attitudes toward diseases change dramatically when this suffering is somehow alleviated.

    Systems may also play an important role in this core question, now that the concept is actually achievable, or not, contrary to popular belief Neurolink has the ability to accomplish this, of course we are still far from being fully functional. far away, but it’s a start Tesla wasn’t always brilliant.

    The company was on the verge of bankruptcy before Elon became CEO, yet Elon saw the vision of Tesla, and turned it into one of the most successful automobile companies in the world, Elon himself as a highly ambitious and accomplished individual. As established, many others say he is spreading.

    Is itself too thin or Tesla is attempting to do too much at once with the SpaceX Hyperloop, and now it’s easy to think that NeuralLink is unrealistic, although realistic people don’t change the world, they’re clearly a waste of time. is not doing and making up his vision, and he’s already made one.

    Neuralin software developers, engineers and everyone else that he can do.

    Find him to help you achieve your goal, he’s not going to do it on his own. He certainly shouldn’t take all the credit we can’t deny, that age

    Artificial intelligence is coming. Musk told everyone, that it is necessary to figure out how to coexist and set up advanced artificial intelligence.

    The symbionts will one day have medicinal uses for the chips including a list of all the problems their chips could potentially solve memory loss depression epilepsy and brain injury, all presented as diseases that affect the brain. Normalize devices.

    Just as Neuralink can help with the bottom line, if Neuralink becomes a reality, it will change humanity forever,

    Do give us your opinion how did you like it and have a nice day.❤️

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