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ELON MUSK:- Why Russia Wants To Partner With Elon Musk So Bad – EM POWER



    The Russians ignored two decades ago, who is now one of the world’s billionaires, and today they are after Elon Musk. Want to know more about what Elon Musk did just that and it changed everything. Stay tuned in this post Welcome to Elon Musk Power.

    Elon Musk is flirting with Russia once again, this time he holds all the cards. In September, the sharp and brilliant billionaire announced that he planned to open a factory for SpaceX in Russia, assuming that Russia The first country to complete.

    Will this project prove to be viable in the long run?

    On a space mission Musk is open to the idea of ​​setting up factories there, as he can reach an experienced workforce. There is no doubt, that the aerospace industry in Russia h as some of the world’s most brilliant minds manage SpaceX is currently determining it. I’m sure you’re wondering why Russia is because it seems their space program is virtually non-existent right now.

    Musk apparently doesn’t think so at the Russian aerospace conference, with Musk explaining to a Post audience that SpaceX has already set up production sites in the United States and China, and is now looking to build factories in several markets around the world.

    About which I will share a little more with these statements, dear Elon Musk We are glad to know that you are considering building a factory in Russia. We have a number of state support measures for original equipment manufacturers from local OEMs who come to see us, we will talk about it. Also it is a prosperous place. Itz Russia also has very little investment in the electric vehicle industry, which is undoubtedly Will appeal to Elon Musk’s Tesla.

    Was this the first time Musk tried to invest in Russia?

    The auto industry in Russia is not currently working on any large-scale electric car projects due to the lack of charging infrastructure. Throughout the country that could deter consumers from buying an electric car, there are a few electric car companies backed by vast infrastructure, but not every electric car company can match Tesla, Russia’s population of over 144 million.

    Musk could see Tesla’s electric cars making his way. In the area we said earlier this isn’t Musk’s first time with Russian space technology, the first time Musk tried to invest in the country. Space technology didn’t go so well that was at least in 2002, and Musk 30 It was a year old and had just launched SpaceX back.

    He had time and money. But the rocket was something he was not equipped with, plus the rockets were still very expensive in the u. The Night States at the time were therefore very few aerospace players, in response Musk turned east toward Russia, which once dominated the space race.
    Similarly a severe budget deficit affected Russia’s space program, and they were in dire need of funds at the time. When Musk was a multi-millionaire worth over $200 million and visited Russia to meet with Russian space officials, Musk was though after visiting Russia three times in a row. This was enough, because whenever they met, they would inflate the price of the rocket, because they wanted to take the bribe.

    Will Musk launch a new mission to the International Space Station on October 5th?

    Musk was actually attacked by one of his rocket designers while they were talking about their rocket during a conversation. That their rockets were weapons of war and not something the wealthy western bourgeoisie could buy for garages, was all written by the designer for Musk and SP. Over his shoes and his colleague Jim Cantrell, that’s why he left Russia, and instead we’ll build our own rockets today.

    We’re 20 years later and the tables have turned, and Russian space officials are urging Elon Musk for investment. The CEO of SpaceX, Russia’s aerospace industry, was recently contacted by the head of the Rose universe on Twitter Dmitry Rogozin, when he later tweeted with a much-hyped invitation, as quoted by Good Afternoon Mr.

    Musk will launch a new expedition to the International Space Station on October 5th, we plan to send a cinematographic group to the major television channel, as part of our task is to tell the truth about manned flights, following the tweet Another quote was made about the constant exposure and tremendous emotional impact of all space flight organizers I’m sure you understand me well.

    If you succeed, I will be glad to see you in the cradle of the World Cosmonautics at the Baikonur Cosmodrome on October 5 and, I believe, Rogozin’s end thread Freak Musk out he wrote, I am glad to meet you personally Hogi, We’re Waiting for You, Musk was invited by Ragoson on the same day as Tass reported Rogozin extended a formal invitation to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

    Which allegation made in an opinion piece by Rogozin?

    As NASA Press Secretary Jackie McGinnis said, for a meeting that Mr. Nelson looks forward to meeting Mr. Ragozin, once the Covid 19 restrictions were lifted, it is not the United Nations, find out, whether Rogozin Musk to appear for an interview, or whether he is interested in talking about something more meaningful and in-depth.

    Musk and Ragoson aren’t actually seeing each other, so it’s odd, too, that they’d be invited together on a regular basis. Musk expresses dissatisfaction with SpaceX, and how they conduct SpaceX’s business, alleging in an opinion piece by Rogozin published in June 2021 that Russia’s space program is targeting its rivals through sarcastic jabs. There was an attempt to defame his competitors by using dirty underhand tactics to defame him.

    It now appears, that Rogozin has changed his position with respect to SpaceX and other commercial spaceflight companies, with Rogozin generally calling this a major achievement for the aerospace industry and a change for the company, additionally in his comments to his According to household references to Russian billionaires and oligarchs were included. Wealthy Russians would build boats instead of developing space. Musk has regularly insulted and ridiculed Russia’s space efforts over the years.

    Sometimes he makes silly jokes about the Rose universe, the funny thing with the scenario, is that Russia’s space agency has changed in recent years. Its back on NASA distancing itself from the other nations running the international space race in this light makes it even more difficult to understand Ragoza’s invitation to Nelson and Musk, hence why he is treating them so well.

    Will Elon Musk accept Ragozan’s offer?

      1. What is the Russian Government for More previously achieved achievement, perhaps they just want, reach a deal with NASA and SpaceX as soon as possible, although it is impossible to predict.
      2. SpaceX and Tesla are both extremely busy to this day, with Musk splitting his time between the two companies, and so Musk probably doesn’t have much time to sit down.
      3. The timing is, that seeing Bezos and Musk having a tea party at a New York coffee shop isn’t so crazy, it’s more like Rogozin’s version of Besos, Rogozin’s invitation underlines this.
      4. How bad is this for an agency that once used to be the leader of the space race and nearly 20 years ago this country was the first to launch a tourist into space after the collapse of the USSR, Roscosmos was in financial trouble, here Even Rogozin acknowledged that some of the RS’s ambitious dreams were achieved by Elon Musk, and praised him for being one of the most organized minds in the space industry, with most Rose Universe ambitious projects being carried out by the Soviet Union. 
      5. had to be closed due to the collapse of As well as a pioneering inventor who isn’t, fearful of risking it all for the future of humanity, he says that Musk should visit Russia, and become a VIP of the family, and the purpose of his visit is to join SpaceX. Together we have to discuss all the possibilities of exploring the universe. 
      6. Those searching for extraterrestrial life, and considering alternatives. Preserving life on Earth as part of the space race Ragozan also indicated that, as soon as some of the harsh sanctions imposed on Russian corporations and their international operations were removed, Russia would be able to cooperate with other countries was less interested.
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