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Elon Musk Went Public With CHEAP Tesla Phone Model

    Elon Musk Went Public With CHEAP Tesla Phone Model

    Elon Musk had said, if Apple shuts down Twitter for some reason, he will build his own Tesla phone, and it is one thing for a Tesla phone to be better than the iPhone; another for a future smartphone to be 10 times better than Apple’s iPhone. thing is. What makes the Tesla Model Pi phone extraordinary is the Elon cell phone will revolutionize the cell phone industry.

    Tesla wanting to get into the smartphone industry is nothing new and many Tesla fanboys have taken this as an opportunity to fantasize. The potential design of the phone is something about Tesla, although it is a bully for any industry, he is already a legend in the phone industry and thought that no one else could come forward to claim his first position in the phone industry.

    When Apple signed up for the phone industry, it made things very clear about its game. It was the first mobile to have its own internet, the first clear camera, and a Play Store that was similar to other Photon series like Samsung. For now, it was just copy and paste because Apple was still at a different level of innovation.

    We have seen other phone makers just copying what Apple is doing with some modifications here and there. Apple in the lead to make a phone that is going to beat Apple so has to be on a different level of innovation and here Tesla has made it clear that things will be different from now on with what Tesla has introduced for its model python It’s all new.

    Industry and quite a revolutionary. So here is Apple, a 14-year-old legend in the phone industry, and Tesla, a newbie less than a year old, competing for the best position. Tesla has some heavy jabs to throw at Apple. Phone with camera. The current hype about buying always starts with checking the quality of the phone’s camera. If the phone’s camera is of low quality then it can be considered obsolete here.

    Tesla has given its fans abundant 108 megapixel camera quality, unlike Apple which stuck to only 48 megapixels, who may not want to consider a phone with a better camera, but it’s all for the Tesla camera No, they introduced yet another feature that will excite their users and leave them begging for more Tesla Pi. What are we talking about the multitasking capability of the camera which is unheard of with Tesla Model Pi.

    You’ll be able to take high quality video and photos at the same time. This is news for photo and video lovers who have been wishing for someone to solve this problem, yet we’re not quite doing it here. Tesla didn’t disappoint with the front camera which is capable of 48 megapixel photo quality unfortunately Apple only has 12 megapixels making up for the front camera Tesla still has the upper hand on this compared to the higher quality camera that Tesla has There is much more to show for your phone.

    Tesla has a great track record when it comes to making high quality products. If you thought that Apple uses the toughest materials for its phones, you will change your mind when you hear that Elon Musk made Tesla What has the Pi phone done for? So the Tesla Pi phone is not like any other phone it is made of one of the hardest alloys that is resistant to fire.

    Not to mention that the phone is waterproof capable and how Tesla Python would fail to become 10 times better than Apple if it could brave two of the most destructive elements weather and fire and what’s more if you can use your Tesla Pi If you drop it from the tallest building then the chances are that it will survive the fall. It is a tough one. Speaking of which, Tesla Python is not a phone in this world because it connects you to the constellation Elon. Musk has a new satellite in space called Known as Starlink that stack promises the best.

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