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Elon Musk welcomes radio host Dean Obedallah Savage back to Twitter

    Elon Musk welcomes radio host Dean Obedallah Savage back to Twitter

    Welcoming Dean Obaidallah to Twitter after a decade of exile, radio host Dean Obaidallah on Friday took a dig at both notorious neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin and Elon Musk.

    Racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-feminist Anglin, who declared in 2018 that he hates women and believes they deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages. Obaidallah risks millions of dollars in a defamation lawsuit for fake tweets.

    In 2017 Anglin wrote to the Daily Sturmer, Hitler’s favorite publication called Der Sturmer, saying “I was involved in terrorism because I wrote an article asking Donald Trump not to condemn white supremacy “. wrote the article and that was before Charlottesville, Anglin tweeted, SiriusXM Radio host told MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

    Anglin then told his followers: Go confront Dean, Obedalla said. That’s why I got many death threats. I stood up in federal court and I won [$4.1] million in damages, he said.

    Anglin never responded to the suit. The whereabouts of the Ohio native are unclear. His father testified in Obaidallah’s defamation case that he collected a considerable amount of charity on his son’s behalf.

    Anglin said in a statement on Twitter that he would “abide by” all of the platform’s rules. It is unclear whether violating court rulings is acceptable under Twitter policies. Musk has said that those suspended can return to Twitter “provided they haven’t broken the law.”

    He told Reid that Obedalla was planning to pass a defamation judgment on organizations fighting radicalism. On Reed’s program he addressed the Nazi directly: Andrew Anglin, you killed the Nazi, if you see, I want my money and I want it with interest so I can give it to organizations that are anti-Semitic. , is anti-racist, anti-LGBTQ. Anti-Muslim hatred, Obaidallah said.

    Incredibly, Twitter was advising users on Friday to follow Anglin. As the new owner of Twitter, the idea that Elon Musk would help normalize Nazis shows you that Elon Musk is no friend of the United States, he continued. Obedalla said, “And I say this clearly that he is increasing division and that is very dangerous.”

    Elon Musk last month allowed Twitter to tweet back to Yeh, formerly known as Kanye West, whose account was banned in October over antisemitic messages. Musk suspended Yeh’s account again on Thursday after she posted a picture of a swastika with the Star of David.

    It was unclear whether the anti-Semitic rapper’s expulsion is permanent, even though he announced on Alex Jones’ podcast on Thursday that he adores Hitler and loves Nazi.

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