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Elon Musk wears ‘satanic’ costume worth $7,500 at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party

    Elon Musk wears 'satanic' costume worth $7,500 at Heidi Klum's Halloween party

    The billionaire took to Twitter on October 27. He changed his bio to ‘Chief Tweet’ and tweeted, “The bird is free. He also indulges in a little humor when he brought a literal sink to Twitter HQ San Francisco California.

    As shown in a video, he shared and captioned, “Drowned entering Twitter HQ. Not everyone was happy and some dismissed it as a dad joke.

    In the midst of it all, Musk took time off to celebrate Halloween, and he chose a red samurai armor costume from the 1970s TV series “Devil’s Champion” for his outfit at German-American businessman Heide Klum’s party.

    Musk tweeted two photos in the costume, one with his mother and the other with her. He captioned the first picture of Halloween with my mom. The dress is reportedly priced at $7,500.

    Meanwhile, Musk has once again changed his Twitter bio. Now, it reads, the Twitter complaint hotline operator display picture shows a stock image of a child holding a retro-style telephone to his ear. He is referring to the large number of tweets and messages by fans asking them to fix their issues with the microblogging site.

    There were all kinds of reactions. One thought, “What’s up with the satanic symbolism, brother?” Another wondered if Elon was trying to be Tony Stark. Musk’s fans often like to compare him to Marvel superhero Robert Downey Jr. because both are crazy rich and have a passion for high-end technology.

    Musk’s Twitter takeover hasn’t pleased everyone. Many, including celebrities, declared doom and gloom, saying, among other things, that under Musk there would be more hate speech, especially on the right wing, and less accountability.

    It doesn’t help that Donald Trump has applauded Musk’s Twitter acquisition. Some have deactivated their accounts and left the platform or are threatening to leave.

    For example, British-American actor Alex Winter, best known for the “Bill & Ted” franchise, has stepped down due to lack of access to this account. He had earlier shared a meme that depicted Donald Trump, Kanye West and Musk as the Three Musketeers.

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